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The Science behind a Lifetime Free Call Center Solution

  • December 20, 2022

Free is the word, which everyone likes to hear, isn’t it? Whether it is a free giveaway or free software, people love free things. But, it is necessary to understand the science behind a free thing. Whether we talk about a free dress or Lifetime Free Call Center Solution, it is vital to understand what exactly free means and how it can benefit your business in real life.

Call center solutions are one of the majorly used software solutions these days. To run sales campaigns with outbound dialers to maximize agent productivity and increase the number of sales an outbound call center solution has become a must. Likewise, to handle customer care campaigns to keep customers happy during all stages of the customer lifecycle, it is necessary to use an inbound call center solution. Businesses that have to handle both customer care and sales campaigns, businesses can use unified communication solutions for call centers or they can use a blended call center software solution.

Everything you need to know about Lifetime FREE Call Center Solution 

Opportunities and demand for these solutions are increasing, but at the same time, the fund crunch is getting real. Even if a business has an investor, the businesses need to be very cautious about budgeting and finance planning. To use funds for various business operations, it is necessary to save funds. Thus, businesses have to think about the options and strategies that can save money to use in other vital business operations. When we talk about solutions like contact center solutions, it is a considerable investment. Thus, business owners look for options to cut the cost of this software.

Luckily, options like free contact center software are made available to businesses.  There are so many amazing advantages of using this software, but there can be downsides as well. So, let’s understand the science and logic behind a free software solution.

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What is a free call center solution?

no cost call center solution

The first thing we need to understand to decode other aspects related to this software or any other free software is what it actually means. A free contact center solution is when a business gets the whole software without paying a penny. This includes the cost of licensing as well

Just to educate about the fact of free software solutions, each software system comes with a unique license number. This license number differentiates one software instance from another. This retains the interest of the software user and there are several advantages of using this free software.

This may give access to the code or not. Moreover, different free call center solutions can have different elements to offer. But, each of them will and must have a license number.

FREE Call Center Solution

What are the types of free call center software solutions?

You might be confused about the types of call center solutions available for free. You must be wondering, free means free, right? However, there are types of free call center solutions and you must know to make further choices. There are two major types of free solutions available for call centers.

Any software can be bifurcated into different categories and one of the popular ones is:

free call center software solution

The contact center solutions can also be categorized into these two categories and both can be available for free. Let’s understand these types of solutions in brief along with exploring the major pros and cons of using them.

Open source call center software

This is one of the most popular ways to get a call center solution for free. In general, you get this software from an open source community. This community is a group of people across the world that work together or independently to build different features and components of open source software. They contribute to building the open source solution.

The open source call center software is available for free with GPL (General Public License). This license gives access to the software, its code, and its license for free. The open source solution for the call center is available for free for a lifetime.

Now, let’s consider the pros and cons of this type of free contact center software

open source solution call center

Advantages Disadvantages
Access to software with code: The open source solution offers not only the license and software but also its source code for free. This gives the liberty to make the required customization based on the need of the business. Missing vital features: The open source solutions often provide only basic features of call center dialer software. Thus, it will miss all vital features.


Unlimited access:

The open source system will be available with all its features and modules that are developed by the community. Moreover, access in all ways will be unlimited. That means a business can create as many agents as one needs and use the software to the fullest.


Poor user interface:

In general, open source call center solutions are built by developers for free. Thus, they don’t spend much time on the look and feel. They are more focused on functionalities. A majority of solutions for call centers that are open source will have poor UI.

Slow updates and support:

Open source solutions don’t get too frequent updates with bug fixing, enhancements, and advancements. This can result in a major hindrance for a business.

Hidden costs:

Even if an open source system is available for free, there are several hidden charges associated with them.

Lifetime free license

Lifetime free proprietary call center solutions

A proprietary contact center solution is usually made available by a third party call center software provider. A company that offers different types of solutions such as an inbound call center solution, outbound call center solution, blended call center solution, voice broadcasting solution, and more. Proprietary solutions offer these types of solutions with a specific or predefined pricing model. Some providers or companies also offer these software solutions for free. A majority of third party companies offer a free trial, but only a few companies offer a lifetime free version of the software.

Lifetime free proprietary call center solutions

The third party free software for call centers would never provide the source code. But, of course, the lifetime free license would be available to the users or businesses that are interested in this software.

Advantages Disadvantages
Advanced features:

The proprietary solutions always have advanced features. Thus, even if the software is available for free, you will get the advanced features. These features would be way more advanced than an open source solution.

Source code unavailable:

The proprietary free call center software will never provide the source code of the software. This is not a real disadvantage if thought carefully because learning the code and customizing it would be more expensive than paying for customization of the software by the company.

Regular updates and advancements:

The proprietary solution providers release regular updates and version releases with bug fixes, enhancements, and new features. This can help you stay competitive by getting advanced features with each version update.


The lifetime free edition of a proprietary solution will have certain limits imposed to encourage you to upgrade to the paid version. Usually, these limits might be integrated in terms of agent seats, multi tenancy, etc. Usually, the software is available for free with access to all features, which makes it more attractive even if agent seats are limited.

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To stay competitive and favorite brand of customers, it is necessary for businesses to use the best solutions to meet market demand. The best call center software has become one of the necessities for businesses to retain clients and onboard more to stay competitive and profitable. Buying a proprietary cloud based call center solution or any other type of software needs significant investment. Of course, it is worth an investment based on the benefits it has to offer. However, all businesses might not be able to invest in this software at an immediate level. Thus, using a lifetime free solution can be beneficial. Once the business gets into the right funding position, it is advisable to invest in intelligent call center software even if a license fee needs to be paid.

We offer the best call center software, which is also an intelligent solution. It is a unified communication solution and has several amazing advantages to offer. We offer a lifetime free license of this software and give access to all features with limited agent seats. Once a business is ready to upgrade to get more agent seats, it can upgrade. It will be a quick process and a matter of a few clicks. We also provide the required tutorials, guides, support to make your journey of using a free edition and upgraded solution smooth.

In conclusion, using a Lifetime Free Call Center Solution solution is one of the best options to get started. We can help you with our proprietary solution. To ask any questions or get any assistance.

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We also provide community support to answer any queries when you use the free edition of the software or have any other questions at any time. You can access the community here.

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