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iCallify click to call software is a powerful sales tool that accelerates the speed of outbound sales campaigns by providing a calling facility at the fingertips of sales agents. Just clicking on the contact number of the lead will automatically dial the number and connect with that customer. Likewise, clicking on the click2call button will connect the customer with the agent. This click2call solution can increase sales call reach and conversion rate 10x times more than the traditional manual system. 

Improve Agent Productivity 

Remove manual dialing and related anomalies with the click2call solution.

Increase Sales Conversion

Speed up sales campaigns and reach more leads to discuss offers promptly.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate manual dialing and auto dialer glitches to improve efficiency.

Key characteristics of iCallify, click to call solution

Click to call solutions

Call on a single click facility

iCallify click to call software eliminates all anomalies and inefficiency related to manual dialing. It speeds up the process of dialing random leads or unscheduled callbacks using a call center solution. It also eliminates abandoned and missed calls to improve customer and sales prospect engagement.

Integrate with any CRM

This solution is available as a default sales solution in iCallify, intelligent call center software. In addition to that, it can be integrated with any third party CRM system to add click2call functionality along with the call center dialer widget in the CRM system. 

click to call software

Streamlined operations

Empower your agents to work more efficiently on sales leads collected via reference. Let your agents be more productive while handling sales calls from a CRM system. All this is possible using iCallify click to call solution and its efficient features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click2call software can be used within any other software such as a CRM, call center software, database, online lead list, business directory, etc. This sales dialer solution initiates a call with automated dialing logic once an agent clicks on the number of the lead.
Auto dialer and click to call solution have different roles in sales campaigns. Auto dialers are excellent when there is a long list of contacts and each of them needs to be contacted. This solution is used ideally when few, random, or instantly available contacts need to be called.
It uses the logic of an auto dialer by automatically dialing the lead number and connecting the call to an agent. The agent doesn’t need to dial numbers one by one, which can slow down the process.

Learn how you can capture the benefit of reference leads to optimal agent performance using a click to call solution.

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