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iCallify is renowned to reinforce the processes for better and enhanced outputs. It replaces traditional customer communication with a more impressive, outstanding, and digitized form of customer engagement with its digital engagement solution. iCallify is an intelligent omnichannel contact center solution that has incorporated digital channels within the platform to provide a single view and control to all channels. It also preserves the context across multiple touchpoints to arm agents with adequate information to deliver exceptional customer engagement and experience.


Engage with clients in an emotional bond with emoticons and rich media.


Socialize with your customers using the most popular social networking platform.


Manage a positive business brand reputation by delivering proactive support to customers.

Key benefits

Digitize customer and sales support

iCallify digital engagement platform provides a versatile platform to let your customers enjoy flexible communication via their favorite communication channels. It digitizes the whole customer care and sales support processes using the top and most accepted digital communication channels. Customers don’t need to wait in long call queues. This adds up to a happy client engagement. This helps in bridging the communication gap to improve client satisfaction and sales ratio.
Digital engagement solution
call center social media integration

Positive brand reputation

Consumers across the globe have adopted digital communication channels like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to share their thoughts, comments, experiences, and more. Listening and responding to angry customers sharing negative comments on digital platforms is necessary not only to retain those clients with a positive customer care cycle, but also to position a positive brand that cares for its customers. A positive digital business brand can help in attracting more business and other business benefits.

Unified communication solution

Agents don’t need to toggle between different screens to provide customer support via different communication channels. iCallify provides a unified view of customer communication across all modes of communication. Moreover, it preserves conversations to provide context to agents for every time conversation with clients. All this helps in managing unified communication and experience for clients and agents.
call center Facebook integration

Frequently Asked Questions

iCallify is a digital engagement solution for businesses that want to use digital communication channels to modernize communication. It provides single view access to a business to manage communication with clients across any touchpoint.
No, you don’t need to use all digital channels to communicate with clients. However, a majority of businesses use all three digital channels because their audiences use those channels to reach businesses. Not using them may result in lost opportunities. Thus, it is highly recommended to use a digital engagement platform with all channels by the top call center software providers.
iCallify stores all conversations and also provides reports for each digital communication channel. This assures a conscious and fair usage of digital channels by agents. This platform supports multiple chats and multitasking to further help agents work productively.

Learn how you can engage your clients and prospective buyers to become your brand advocated using the iCallify digital engagement platform.

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