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iCallify, outbound call center solution is built to empower sales, marketing, and collection teams to reap better results with the same resources by leveraging the power of automation. Our outbound call center software helps you reach prospective customers at the right time by predicting the best time to connect with a client. You can maximize the productivity of your agents by eliminating idle time and increasing talk time using the best auto dialers supported by iCallify.
outbound call center solution
iCallify, outbound contact center software eliminates answering machines, busy tones, unreachable numbers, and numbers that cannot be contacted to save the time of agents. They only connect a call to the agent when a human answers the call. Moreover, it can send updates, alerts, notifications, etc. automatically to the customers, which helps in improving the values of agent talk time, call connect rate, and other outbound calling KPIs.

Learn how you can boost returns for your sales campaigns up to 75% in a smart way using iCallify, intelligent outbound call center software in a free consultation call.

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Key Features

iCallify, outbound call center software is built with the trending outbound calling features to support all types of outgoing campaigns to amplify reach, call connect rate and engagement.
  • Unlimited call queues
  • Smart IVR
  • Holiday & time based call routing
  • Live call monitoring
  • Real time statistics
  • Ring group
  • Advanced call distribution (ACD)
  • Call forwarding
  • Blind and Attended call transfer
  • Call mute and un-mute
  • Call park and pick-up
  • Custom music on hold (MoH)
  • Call recording
  • Reports
  • And more

Top reasons to use iCallify for outbound calling

Increase reach and call connect rate

Outbound call center software uses smart auto dialers that can automate sales and other outbound campaigns. This process eliminates the slow and error-prone manual dialing process, which results in better and faster outbound campaigns. It helps in improving reach as the dialing speed will be 5x times more than the traditional process. Moreover, the predictive dialing kind of smart dialer calls customers when they are likely to attend the call. All this increases call connect rate.
outbound call center software
outbound call center solutions

Reduce agent idle time

Agent idle time can cause major losses to the businesses and here comes our intelligent outbound call center software at the rescue. It will constantly delegate calls to the agents after bypassing the calls that are not connected to clients. This can help in reducing the idle time by 56.85%.

Support context driven sales conversations

It is necessary to have qualified conversations with warm leads or clients and that is possible with the preview dialing mode of iCallify, outbound contact center software. This software for outbound calls will also display the disposition message of the last call. All this gives context to the agent about the next call, which can aid him in leading the conversation in a favorable direction and increase sales and other KPIs.
outbound contact center solution
outbound call center solution provider

Increase agent productivity

iCallify, outbound call center software automates all tedious and error-prone jobs to give more productive hours to your business. This software is an intelligent contact center solution as it can take intelligent steps to provide more room for agents to work efficiently. All this contributes to maximizing agent performance and productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple advantages of using iCallify, intelligent outbound call center software like:

  • Improve sales conversations and increase sales
  • Save time and other resources with automation
  • Increase agent productivity and efficiency
  • Handle mass communication automatically
iCallify supports campaign level and system wide DNC (Do Not Call).
iCallify supports all types of outbound campaigns such as sales, lead generation, telemarketing, telesales, cold calling, collection, follow-ups, surveys, feedback collection, and more.

Redefine your contact strategies to dominate sales and other outbound campaigns like a pro with iCallify, outbound contact center solution.

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