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Power dialer software helps in speeding up your outbound campaigns to boost your outreach and call connect rate. It is 100% auto dialing software that eliminates the need of selecting or dialing the phone numbers to save the time of agents and use it to invest with customers on the call to increase sales and achieve other milestones. It works in a sequential manner to ensure all numbers are reached without a miss. The beauty of a power dialer solution is that it dials the next number as soon as the current call is hung up. This facilitates better results of an outbound campaign without increasing the call drop rate. 

Key benefits of using a power dialer

Speed up outbound campaigns’ reach

Power dialer software completely automates outbound dialing to ensure each number is reached and connected in an efficient and faster manner. This dialer eliminates busy tones, unreachable calls, voicemails, answering machines, etc., and continues dialing the next number until it is connected to a human to assign the call to the available agent. It doesn’t wait for an agent to show availability. Rather, it calls the next number in the sequence as soon as an agent hangs up an ongoing call. 

Leave a positive first impression

Dialing numbers randomly even before an agent is available can leave a bad first impression. Rather than using iCallify, power dialer solution, you can reach potential clients when an agent is ready to greet the client. This leaves a positive first impression. It not only opens the doors of opportunities, but also makes consecutive calls easier to convert.

Maximize sales and returns

The power dialer solution reduces downtime and idle time up to 50% by automating dialing and calling jobs. This ensures that agents invest more time on sales calls or telemarketing calls to increase sales and returns. The whole process of outbound calling can be 5x times faster with a power dialer and at the same time, it completely eliminates the threat of dropped calls. This helps in boosting sales and returns up to 80%. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a power dialer solution can be used for any sized campaign, including large and small. It is an effective tool to speed up your outbound campaigns.
Yes, it retries a number if it doesn’t get connected in the first attempt. You can set the maximum number of retries that a power dialer needs to make from a call center dialer solution.

There are different scenarios when a power dialing ssytem is more effective such as:

  • When agents need a little time before taking the next call
  • When your customers cannot be put on the wait after connecting in an outbound campaign
  • When database quality is moderate

Learn how you can get your sales campaigns more productive and enhance customer and agent experience with a prevailing power dialer.

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