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Our predictive dialer software can support maximum call automation to aid call centers to achieve a high call connect rate using the existing resources. The most amazing feature available in this call center predictive dialing solution is the auto update of the pacing ratio depending on the speed of answering calls and the average talk time of agents. We have the most advanced and intelligent predictive dialer solution that can predict multiple elements: 

predictive dialer software
  • How quickly an agent will be available to take the next call?
  • How likely is it for a customer to answer the call right now?
  • How many numbers need to be dialed to connect with a customer to assign a call to an agent as soon as he is available?

Key benefits of using a predictive dialer:

Skyrocket outbound calling campaigns

Predictive dialing ensures the highest call center automation in outbound calling campaigns to increase results and ROI. It will push the limits of agents to deliver unexpected performance to work in favor of both business and agents. This helps in improving the results of outbound calling campaigns up to 150%. 

VoIP predictive dialer software
cloud predictive dialer

Smart dialing for stress free performance

Predictive dialing supported by our predictive dialer solution is also referred to as smart dialing because it adjusts the pacing ratio depending on the changing KPIs in real time. This helps in reducing stress on agents by availing the next call even before finishing the current one and reducing the abandoned rate up to 30%. 

Maximize resource utilization

Use your existing database and agent team to deliver more efficient and surprising results by unleashing the power of machine human combination. VoIP predictive dialer software will keep enhancing the results by giving you a wider reach, better connect rate, higher talk time, lower idle time, and excellent ROI. All this can be possible with the same number of resources that you may have. 

predictive dialer provider

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Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP predictive dialer software offered by the best predictive dialer provider can automate the process of reaching a customer at the right time and having a contextual conversation. It will also let agents spend more time talking to clients rather than waiting for the next sales call to be assigned. All the combined efforts help in increasing sales.
Call center VoIP predictive dialer software supports smart dialing, but still, there are chances that customers hang up before getting connected to the agent or listen to a weird ring after answering a call. This can add up to an increased abandoned rate or poor customer experience.
Which is an ideal campaign type to use a predictive dialing system? In all types of outbound calling campaigns, you can use a cloud predictive dialer solution. Still, the ideal cases, in which you can maximize ROI using this mode of auto dialing is when your campaigns are trying to generate leads, aiming to boost agent productivity, focusing on call connect rate, or trying to achieve similar goals.

Predictive dialer can convert your slow performing outbound campaigns into ROI booster campaigns. Know how it happens in a personalized call with our sales rep.

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