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iCallify is an intelligent contact center software with tenant support, which empowers businesses to run their call center service business with a multi tenant call center solution. The call center billing solution can be availed by the multi tenant platform users to enable the billing module in this software for contact centers. The billing module will automate the billing processes for the contact center service users.

Key feature of call center billing solution

The call center billing solution automates and streamlines various jobs related to billing for iCallify users. It has some amazing features to deliver an excellent customer experience with accurate billing without spending manpower in accounting and billing:
  • System level billing (enable/disable)
  • Charge per call based on LCR (Least Cost Routing)
  • Rate card support
  • Call plan support
  • Invoice and receipt
  • Reports

Key benefits of using a billing solution for call center software

Increase efficiency in billing

The call center billing solution automates the accounting, invoicing, and billing process. This eliminates human intervention and possible manmade errors. Moreover, it bills customers as per the defined call plan and rate cards as per the billing cycles. Automation and accuracy are two major contributors toward the utmost efficiency in billing and accounting.
call center billing integration
call center billing solution

Save resources

Handling accounts and invoicing of call center service users is an error-prone and complicated job. Different tenants may have different volumes of calls. Keeping an account of each tenant and bill users accordingly needs a force of proficient accountants. With a call center billing solution, these resources can be saved to answer customer concerns rather than spending efforts on tedious and complicated billing jobs.

Increase ROI

The call center billing automation will cut down expenses on manpower and other resources. On the other hand, on-time and accurate billing will continue running the revenue channel. This will contribute to increasing your returns over investment (ROI) up to 40% higher.
billing solution for call center software

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the billing module is available only for iCallify, multi tenant call center software users.
Billing is a premium solution available as an on-demand module for the iCallify, multi tenant contact center software users. Thus, it costs additional to its users as the basic software cost doesn’t include its price.
Yes, this call center billing solution is built with intuitive billing and invoicing features to automate the whole process. It also provides invoice ad receipts in PDF format.

Learn how a call center billing solution can help you skyrocket your business growth by concentrating synergies.

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