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iCallify, blended call center solution can help in using your resources optimally. Unlike training agents to work on either inbound or outbound calling, train them to be versatile by handling both, incoming and outgoing calls in parallel with iCallify. Eliminate bottlenecks that deteriorate the growth of your agents and business due to restricted skills or performance using one of the top blended contact center solutions, iCallify.
blended contact center solution
iCallify, blended call center software supports omnichannel communication and automatic call distribution strategies to enhance your inbound campaigns. Simultaneously, it also helps in improving returns over outbound campaigns with its smart auto dialers, AMD, and other features. iCallify empowers agents to retain efficiency with its intelligent features like call script, Soundboard Avatars, and more even if the call can be inbound or outbound within the same campaign.

Learn how your agents can surpass the norms by effectively handling peak hours and efficiently managing slow periods using iCallify, intelligent blended contact center software.

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Key Features

iCallify is an intelligent blended call center software. It incorporates best in the industry features to elevate performance metrics while keeping the whole customer and agent experience fluid.
  • Dashboards
  • Live statistics
  • Virtual number management
  • Customizable IVR
  • Blended calling
  • Self serving
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Auto dialers
  • Manual dialer
  • Call recording
  • Call script
  • Voicemail
  • Prioritization
  • Analytics and reports
  • And more

Top reasons to use iCallify for outbound calling

Efficiently handle all customers with available resources

All businesses are likely to receive inbound customer calls and make outbound sales calls. Instead of increasing the workforce even if the call volume is low just to handle a specific stream of calling campaigns, use the blended calling mechanism of iCallify. This blended intelligent call center software will put all customers in a queue to give efficient services without increasing call queues.
blended call center solutions
blended call center software

Versatile agents to handle peak and slow seasons

Generally, agents are trained to work on either inbound or outbound campaigns. That makes them restricted to their roles and skills. With iCallify, blended contact center solution, you can take advantage of carving the best skills to handle all types of calls in your agents. It will work in your favor to handle massive call volume efficiently during the peak seasons. It will also benefit in increasing returns during slow periods.

Heighten your ROI graph

iCallify, blended contact center solution can help in improving all KPIs by having a highly skilled and versatile team. Your business can have a higher customer retention rate using world class customer service management software. Simultaneously, your business will grow in leaps and bounds by locking more business with first-rate outbound sales calls. Enjoy watching your ROI graph getting elevated.

Forecast future trends

Get access to all-encompassing statistics and real time reports that can help you forecast trends of the nearer future to manage the workforce and other resources. These analytics and reports will also give sufficient data to forecast long term business trends to make a winning game plan to evade competition and establish your business as a leading brand in your industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iCallify, intelligent call center software with blended calling capability provides a GUI based web app to agents. In this web app, agents will get all the information about the next call and an ongoing call. It will also show disposition messages of the last call, information about the customer, and other details that will help the agent to personalize his answers.
It supports all inbound and outbound calling features to support full-fledged blended calling campaigns.
Yes, it will positively affect productivity by increasing it. Agents will have a custom call script and access to relevant features to handle assigned incoming or outgoing calls. Moreover, live call monitoring will help supervisors coach agents if needed to work more efficiently. All in all, it will increase productivity.

Harness the power of your existing resources and cultivate versatile skills in handling blended calls with iCallify, intelligent blended contact center solution.

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