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Inbound, outbound, blended, and helpdesk

Flexible and powerful features to manage inbound, outbound, blended, and helpdesk campaigns.


Self service IVR

Allow customers to self serve themselves for common actions and frequently asked questions with zero intervention of agents.

Off-hour calls

Handle incoming calls during nonworking hours or on holidays with a custom IVR, voicemail, or call forwarding.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatically distribute calls among different call queues or connect an incoming call to the right call routing strategy.

Sticky agent

Always connect an incoming call from a customer to the same agent or customer account manager.

Skill based routing

Route an incoming call to the most skilled agent from the available group of agents.

Ring group

Ring extension or softphone of all agents in a group until one of them attends the call to boost remote operation efficiency.


Auto dialer

Automatically dial the numbers from the lead list to eliminate manual dialing errors.

Predictive dialer

Predict the availability of the agent and call pick up rate to connect and assign the next call to the agent.

Progressive dialer

Automate dialing the next numbers in the sequence on agent readiness to take the next call.

Power dialer

Balance out productivity and experience by automatically dialing the number on call hang-up.

Preview dialer

Prepare your agents to have context driven conversations with a preview based auto dialing.

DNC control

Manage do not call subscribers at the campaign and system level with the DNC control feature.


Blended calling

Empower your agents to handle both incoming and outgoing calls in a single campaign.

Queue management

Manage inbound and outbound queues efficiently to optimize blended calling campaigns.


Prioritize inbound or outbound calling to handle a priority call or campaign efficiently.

Call routing strategies

Take advantage of all automated call routing strategies to enhance customer experience.

Auto dialers

Take advantage of all auto dialers based on the nature of the campaign or lead list.

Manual dialer

Connect with an unsaved customer number using a virtual dialpad of a manual dialer.


Ticket management

Manage open, resolved, in progress, and other support tickets and relevant communication using a single system.

Ticket grouping

Group tickets in different groups to streamline ticket handling and resolutions by delegated teams.

Ticket prioritization

Prioritize tickets and their resolution by assigning priority to managing ticket queues effectively.

Remote collaboration

Allow remote teams of customer care, technical support, and more to collaborate and speed up jobs.

Automated callback scheduling

Schedule a callback to update the customer or ask the required questions related to the support ticket.

Automated ticket status updates

Send status updates for the raised tickets via unified communication channels using automation.

Omnichannel and digital communication

Cater to your customers and prospects across all effective and popular touchpoints.

Single system

Use a comprehensive omnichannel solution to manage all communication channels.

Digital communication

Improve customer experience by adding trending digital channels to provide support.


Allow agents to handle multiple customers simultaneously with omnichannel support.

CTI and other Integrations

Integrate required solutions in the contact center software to use an all-inclusive platform.

Click to call

Let your agents simply click on the number to automate calling to boost productivity and efficiency.

CRM popup

Automatically retrieve to show customer data from CRM into the call center dialer system in a popup.


Manage and monitor all logs of changes made, plus, system usage in extensive reports.

Agent controls

Sanction full control over self learning, improvement, and productivity to your agents.

Call controls

Let your agents control calls more efficiently with features like call mute and un-mute, call hold and retrieve, call forwarding, and more.

Call transfer

Allow your agents to transfer complicated or difficult calls to supervisors or other skilled agents in the group.

Call forwarding

Facilitate agents and customers to retain a bond or nurture a lead with effective call forwarding.

Call script

Provide an easy to skim and campaign specific call script to handle calls more professionally and uniformly.

Voicemail control

Let agents listen to extension specific voicemails to take the required actions to serve clients.

Agent side reports

Provide an opportunity for self assessment and self learning with agent side reports.

Quality monitoring and supervision

Automate and enhance quality monitoring and supervisory jobs with efficient features.

Live monitoring

Monitor calls and performance of contact center software and agents with live statistics and dashboards.

Barge-in and whisper

Supervise agent performance with barge-in and give them real time training without customer acknowledgment.

Conference calls

Take a conference call with the agent to provide case based training to handle different types of client calls efficiently.

Call recording and monitoring

Record all calls and download or listen to recorded files to review and monitor the quality of calls.

Agent rank

Give ranks (scoring) to agents depending on their overall performance and productivity to manage agent grouping.


Monitor and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) in wide-ranging reports to build future strategies.

Our call center solutions have wide ranging features and functionalities to level up the performance of your agents, supervisors, campaigns, and KPIs. Witness all intelligent contact center software features in a live walkthrough.

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