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iCallify, intelligent contact center software provides a comprehensive sales dialer solution to automate various jobs related to sales campaigns. iCallify, sales dialer software is built with intelligent features to ensure the call center dialer solution not just automatically dials the numbers, but also helps in increasing sales rate. This solution also helps in converting an inbound call into a personalized sales call to increase sales and conversion rate. 

Automate sales cycle

From dialing numbers, connecting with ideal agents to following-up sales leads can be automated.

Accelerate productivity and sales

Automate redundant jobs and keep agents busy on sales calls to save time and increase sales.

Data driven decision making

Define marketing, sales, and other business strategies based on concrete data of sales campaigns.

Key characteristics of iCallify, sales call center dialer solution

Optimize agent workflow

Provide a single sign-on solution to your agents to get access to all the required features and tools within this solution. From using auto dialers of an intelligent call center software solution to conducting a context driven conversation using customer data available in the CRM, everything can be used within the dialer to work more productively and it can improve productivity by up to 55%.

sales dialer solution
call center dialer solution

Improve collaboration and training

Provide ample tools to your agents to work in a tight knit. iCallify, sales dialer software enables a collaborative work environment to empower agents to work more closely to generate, nurture, and close more sales deals. The live training and coaching features of this sales dialer software also help in enhancing the training programs to sharpen the expertise and skills of the agents.

Automate sales cycle

Stop wasting the time of your manpower on handling low key tasks such as data record management, dialing phone numbers, remembering follow-up dates, etc. You can use the best dialer, iCallify to automate the complete sales cycle to enhance sales processes. From making the first contact using auto dialers to following up on the right time with automated callback scheduling and other stages of lead conversion and sales can be automated up to 75% using this solution. 

sales dialer software

Safeguard sensitive data

Data protection is a necessity due to increasing customer concern and tight legislation in multiple countries. iCallify uses SMS verification, data masking, and encryption to ensure customer and other sensitive data is safeguarded in the system. Moreover, provide the most accurate and authorized data access to ensure only authorized personnel gets access to sensitive data to ensure 95.99% of data privacy and security. 

Best in the industry auto dialers available in the iCallify, sales dialer software

Predictive dialer

Increase call connect rate and boost agent productivity to make your cold calling, telemarketing, and similar campaigns faster and more effective.

Power dialer

Handle potential leads more efficiently with an emphasis on the customer experience for campaigns like lead generation, warm lead handling, and more.

Preview dialer

Encourage buyers to buy with a data driven and personalized conversation with a preview of leads for campaigns like cross selling, upselling, referral marketing, and more.

Take complete advantage of the expertise of your sales experts with a powerful sales dialer solution having intelligent features to increase your sales rate and productivity.

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Key Features

It incorporates intelligent features to keep your sales and business development team busy handling the sales calls while the low key tasks are managed by the dialer software. 

  • Live statistics
  • CRM integration
  • CTI integration
  • Data masking
  • Authorized access
  • Click to call
  • Auto dialers
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Call hold and retrieve
  • Voicemail
  • Attended and blind call transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Automated call scheduling
  • DNC control
  • Extension to extension calling
  • Internal chat
  • Barge-in
  • Whisper
  • Call recording
  • Agent side reports
  • System reports

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be used to run any type of outbound or inbound sales campaigns such as cold calling, telesales, cross selling, upselling, reference marketing, warm lead management, and more.
Agents can save time on different jobs that are automated by this solution. This helps agents to invest more time on sales calls to increase sales and lead nurturing rates.
No, sales dialer does not place a robocall. It connects a lead to a live human agent. This is ethical and legal in all countries, unlike robocalls, which are banned in multiple countries.

Learn how you can take heighten your sales graph using iCallify, sales dialer solution.

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