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iCallify, intelligent omnichannel contact center software provides live chat support to streamline and fast forward the conversations with your website visitors. You can deliver an effortless and personalized experience to your buyers by helping them make better sales choices. Simultaneously, reduce the hassle of your clients calling the customer care center and staying in the queue with live chat support. Call center live chat solution also helps in improving agent productivity by providing support to handle multiple chats in parallel. 

chat software for call centers
iCallify, blended call center software supports omnichannel communication and automatic call distribution strategies to enhance your inbound campaigns. Simultaneously, it also helps in improving returns over outbound campaigns with its smart auto dialers, AMD, and other features. iCallify empowers agents to retain efficiency with its intelligent features like call script, Soundboard Avatars, and more even if the call can be inbound or outbound within the same campaign.

Key Features

iCallify, omnichannel call center solution provides an array of features to the live chat user with its chat software for call centers and businesses. It can be easily integrated with a website or even a mobile app or messenger to provide centralized customer support to your clients.  

  • Custom branding of the live chat widget
  • Contact form to collect customer information
  • Rich media support
  • Emoticon support
  • File exchange support
  • Chat templates
  • Chat logs and history

Major utilities

Increase checkout and sales

The call center live chat software can be used to provide instant answers to the buyers’ questions related to products. Agents can also provide assistance throughout the checkout process to increase sales. 

call center chat solution

Engage buyers to increase revenue

Leverage the full potential of cross-selling and upselling by giving the suggestion of relevant products or products that complement the current purchase of your customers. Boost your sales and revenue graphs with this magical tool of call center chat solution.

Provide proactive customer support

Deliver asynchronous customer support in which customers can receive responses without getting engaged in a phone line. Add flexibility and convenience to your customer support campaigns to level up customer service campaigns and their results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The live chat is one of the communication channels supported by iCallify, intelligent omnichannel call center software. You can integrate this live chat widget on multiple websites to manage chat with customers through a live chat system integrated into iCallify.
Yes, a live call center chat solution stores conversation about customers and you can use that to deliver an exceptional customer experience by training your agents.
At the moment, we don’t provide chatbots with our live chat solution, but it is in our roadmap. However, to let you enjoy the chatbot facility, we provide integration with the chatbot solution.

Learn how you can delight your customers with flexible communication and fuel up your sales and revenue with a live chat solution.

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