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iCallify, omnichannel call center software is renowned for its unified communication support and automation in call center operations. Its voice broadcasting feature has an integrated voice broadcasting solution that lets you send a voice message to all target audiences in a jiffy without involving agents. You can also run interactive voice broadcasting campaigns at your fingertips and also gauge the response to these campaigns in the reports with this web based voice broadcasting solution 

call broadcasting software

The voice broadcasting solution of iCallify provides greater control over your call broadcasting campaigns with its time condition and break time selection features. You can schedule your campaigns in advance to run the campaigns at the best time. 

It also provides multiple attempts to reach a customer if he/she is not reached within the first attempt.

Major utilities

Sent alerts and emergency notification

Urgent messages cannot wait and must have a high attendance rate. The voice blasting, i.e., call broadcasting solution helps in reaching out to the masses and alerts them about the emergency situation such as downtime of a server, change in policy, updated pricing plan, etc. As the message is sent via a phone call, it will ensure a high attendance rate. 

call broadcasting solution
voice broadcasting solution

Collect feedback and run surveys

Whether you want to collect feedback on the effectiveness of your customer service process or if you want to run a survey on your recently launched product, the voice broadcast system of iCallify provides an ideal tool to maximize resource utilization and results. 

Send reminders

Your clients are likely to forget their next appointments, billing dates, etc. The call broadcasting solution sends a reminder to all clients for their scheduled appointments, due invoices, etc. This will effectively give a gentle reminder without engaging manual resources. 

voice broadcast system
web based voice broadcasting solution

Run marketing and promotional campaigns

Send promotional codes, discount coupons, announcements of new festive seasons, etc. to your clients with a voice broadcasting software of iCallify to run promotional campaigns effectively and timely. You can also gauge the success of campaigns in reports. 

Frequently Asked Questions

- It automates the process of calling customers and sharing the same message
-It saves time of customers and agents
-It sends an important message to thousands of people in 90% lesser time than a manual system
-It improves the productivity of your team
-It keeps customers engaged
-It increases ROI
You can upload a voice file to the system to run a call broadcasting campaign using a web based voice broadcasting solution. Alternatively, you can use speed to text converter.
iCallify is an intelligent call center software with robust and reliable features. It does not impose any limit on parallel calls while you use its voice broadcast system. Depending on the concurrent call supported by your package and/ or your hardware or cloud space, you can send parallel calls with this voice blasting solution.

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