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iCallify virtual number management software lets you manage multiple virtual numbers, which are also known as VoIP numbers. It provides a local area code and direct route to the concerned the sales or customer care agent to speed up the sales cycle and customer care process. With iCallify, virtual number management solution, you can also leverage other advantages to boost sales and client satisfaction rates. 

Handle warm leads efficiently

Directly connect warm leads with skilled sales agents by eliminating IVR & ACD.

Deliver exceptional customer support

Let premium customers bypass call queues to have a direct conversation with the assigned agent.

Build a local brand presence

Take advantage of local marketing with local virtual numbers to win more business.

Build a local brand and deliver an exceptional experience to customers and buyers with our virtual number management software.

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Major types of virtual numbers

Local numbers

Increase call connect rates and lead conversion using local numbers that have local area codes and phone numbers to resemble a local country or state specific mobile or landline phone number. 

Virtual number management solution
Virtual number management software

Direct numbers

Remove the hassle of call queues and remember extensions to deliver a better customer experience to premium clients and hot leads using direct numbers. Connect the caller to the right agent instantly. 

Toll free numbers

Give the advantage of a toll free number to your customers and potential buyers with VoIP toll free numbers. Use single or multiple toll free numbers and route calls to respective agents or departments. 

Key features

iCallify virtual number management software provides a simple to use platform to use and manage virtual phone numbers effectively. It can help you elevate the results and KPIs of your different inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. 

  • Automatic smart call routing
  • Smart IVR
  • Manage multiple virtual numbers
  • Route to IVR
  • Route to a direct mobile phone or landline
  • Route to an extension
  • Call forwarding
  • Find me Follow me
  • Voice logging
  • Call logs and CDRs

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple advantages of using VoIP numbers such as:
  • Centralized call center processes
  • Deliver a premium experience to premium clients
  • Improve customer relationship
  • Increase sales with better lead management
  • Never lose an important call
  • Track effectiveness and ROI of sales and marketing campaigns
You can manage unlimited virtual numbers using iCallify, virtual number management platform.
iCallify supports all three types of VoIP numbers:
  1. Toll free
  2. Direct and
  3. Local

Learn how you can track and enhance the returns of your marketing and sales campaigns with iCallify, virtual number management solution, and VoIP numbers.

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