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iCallify, omnichannel contact center software lets you handle all your communication channels within a single platform. Email, being one of the most vital and professional communication modes, is supported as a primary communication channel in iCallify with integrated email broadcasting solution. It supports call center with email integration to integrate your favorite email account within iCallify to handle inbound and outbound email communication.  

Key Features

Using email as one of the communication channels can empower your support team to respond to customers with more detailed information and insight. These features help in introducing automation and resolving concerns proficiently. It is also a great communication channel for potential sales conversations. 

  • Email broadcasting
  • Manage inbound and outbound emails
  • Add attachments
  • Categorize emails
  • Canned response
  • Address book
  • Block email addresses
  • Flag as spam

Major utilities

Run email marketing campaigns efficiently

Use the email broadcasting solution feature of iCallify along with the email communication channel to connect to your corporate audience efficiently. Save resources for more productive jobs by automating email marketing campaigns. 

email broadcasting solution
call center with email integration

Manage sales emails more resourcefully

Many sales campaigns need back and forth along with sending proposals, quotations, demo videos, and more. With iCallify, call center with email integration support, managing sales emails and handling follow-ups professionally is made easier without switching back and forth between call center software and email client. 

Provide extensive customer support

Benefit your customers with a detailed explanation, stepwise guides, user manuals, tutorials, and other material to simplify using your products and services. Take advantage of the most professional communication channel in customer care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide integration of your favorite email account with iCallify, call center software as it supports call center with email integration. iCallify offers an integrated GUI based email module, which lets you use the email facility with ease without leaving the dialer.
Email broadcasting software supports all vital features such as scheduled email broadcasting campaigns, reports, and more.
For all sorts of communication, which need the exchange of heavy documents or files, email communication is beneficial. It can also be used for marketing campaigns like sending newsletters, news, offers, deals, etc.

Learn how incorporating email in your call center boosts the results of sales and marketing campaigns in a free consultation and demo call.

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