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iCallify soundboard Avatars solution lets your agents engage customers and prospective customers using the local accents. This solution is the most effective tool to handle customers that prefer to discuss with the local team. It helps in increasing engagement and success rate by letting agents use human prompts stored as Avatars in the soundboard solution. This system can also store soundboard Avatars in multiple languages. 

Improved engagement rate

Engage customers using their native accents to lead calls to the success metrics.

Boosted sales graph

Increase sales and conversion rate using the full potential of fluent speakers.

Boost agent morale

Fuel up success rate by boosting agent morale with increased engagement and sales.

Key characteristics

Unlimited soundboard Avatars with bucketing

iCallify supports storing as many Avatars as you want to support your agents through the sales and customer care process. You can also put Avatars in buckets to make it easier to use them as per the type of the call such as lead generation calls, follow-up calls, etc.

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Switch from Avatar to human and vice versa

iCallify soundboard Avatar solution lets your agents have full control over the call and at any moment they can take the lead of the call by having a direct conversation. They can also switch back to using Avatars at any point of the call to handle calls more strategically. 

Use Avatars in all preferred languages

iCallify soundboard software supports multiple languages and one can store Avatars in all preferred languages. There is no limit on the number of languages. You can either upload the voice prompts for Avatar or you can use text to speech converter of the iCallify solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Avatar solution is a recorded prompt that can be played with a single click during a live call. It will sound like a human agent talking to the customer. The iCallify soundboard Avatar solution lets you store a series of Avatars to use by agents to lead the partial or whole conversation in favor of increasing sales.
Your agents can stop playing Avatar prompts and start having a conversation as they would have in any other normal phone call conducted via a call center solution, landline, or mobile phone.
iCallify is a multilingual platform and you can change its language. However, by changing the language of Avatars, you cannot change the language of the iCallify platform. Changing Avatar language means you simply use the voice prompts into another language.

Learn how soundboard Avatar solution can help you boost your engagement in sales and client service calls up to 75% during a live demo with our sales reps.

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