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iCallify, smart IVR software is a smart interactive voice response system, which greets all customers connected through incoming calls. This multilevel, dynamic IVR solution encourages customer experience enhancement with self-serving features. It helps customers to save time by interacting with the machine intelligence of IVR to get a resolution for their most common queries. It can work as a stepping stone in the journey of a positive customer experience. This smart IVR solution also engages customers in a human-like voice during the whole interaction. iCallify, call center IVR solution is one of the leading IVR software providers. Its dynamic IVR solution allows customers to engage with an interactive voice response system using DTMF tones or voice prompts.  

Key features of iCallify, call center IVR Solution

iCallify, call center smart IVR software helps in customizing your IVR flow using a GUI based web solution. You can design multiple IVR menus and map them with different campaigns. It simplifies managing IVR customization by eliminating technical intricacies.  

  • Customizable IVR flow
  • Drag and drop IVR design
  • Customizable welcome greetings
  • Time and holiday based IVR messages play
  • IVR self service
  • Multilevel, dynamic IVR
  • Text to speech (TTS)
  • Voice prompt upload
  • Call recording
  • Missed call logging

Key benefits of using a smart cloud IVR solution

Initiate a positive first interaction

The first impression creates a huge impact on customer care and sales campaigns. iCallify, smart call center IVR solution helps you greet angry customers and pacify them with warm welcome greetings. It also helps in projecting your business as a professional enterprise with an intuitive IVR menu.  

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Automate resolving common queries

Deflect the manual jobs of resolving same questions cyclically using the interactive voice response system of iCallify. The smart IVR system can resolve common questions, as well as, assist customers self-serve themselves for common actions.

Deliver exceptional customer experience

The smart IVR solution greets all customers with the same warmth and it doesn’t show fatigue in a voice as the number of calls increases. It can also serve clients during nonworking hours. Moreover, it helps in eliminating the need for manual agents for cyclic jobs. All of this helps in enhancing the customer experience. It also helps you reach out to customers that abandoned calls by logging all missed calls and abandoned calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IVR is an automated solution, so you don’t need to do much other than defining the flow of the IVR menu. You can design your IVR menu in iCallify using Call center IVR solution. Once your IVR is designed and assigned to the campaign, it will play automatically for each incoming call.
The IVR system offered by the top IVR solution provider greets and engages all customers and provides more customer centric facilities. This aids in improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, IVR can log all calls, including missed and abandoned calls. This gives an opportunity to call missed clients or leads to keep increasing business and position a positive brand image. It also helps in saving resources by resolving common questions to reduce the workload on agents.
Yes, we also provide an outbound IVR system that can help you run IVR broadcasting campaigns.

Learn how you can become a leader in customer care and save your resources from monotonous jobs using iCallify, smart IVR solution.

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