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iCallify, omnichannel intelligent contact center solution provides SMS as one of the modes of communication to help you speed up short conversations. Enjoy two way texting to take advantage of the quickest and most preferred modes of communication without leaving your call center dialer screen. SMS broadcasting can help in reaching the masses at your fingertips and measuring the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns.

Major utilities

Verify user identity

In many call centers, two-way user authentication and verification are necessary to provide secure access to information in the interest of customers. SMS can be used for authorized phone number verification before providing any confidential information over the call.
SMS broadcasting solution
SMS broadcasting software

Send quick promotional messages

You can send promotional messages using SMS to enjoy a 97% of open rate, which ensures your marketing message not only reaches, but also conveys the message to the target audience. Generate new business or bring back existing customers to buy more with an effective SMS marketing campaign.

Send reminders and alerts

A short text message can be the most effective way to communicate important announcements, reminders, notifications, and alerts. An SMS is opened within 15 minutes of delivery by 90% of consumers. Take advantage of this characteristic to increase the effectiveness of messaging.
SMS broadcasting system

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS can be sent to give reminders for overdue bills, upcoming appointments, etc. It can also be used to send appointment confirmations, booking confirmations, etc.
Yes, you can use inbound and outbound text messaging features using iCallify, intelligent contact center software.
It is the most unobtrusive mode of communication, which makes it the most effective tool to send important messages, alerts, and notifications to your customers and prospective clients.

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