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Revolutionize your sales and customer care campaigns using a communication channel that is actively used by billions of people for professional and personal communication. iCallify, intelligent omnichannel contact center software supports WhatsApp as one of the communication channels to let you onboard, engage, and support your clients. Assign WhatsApp chats to agents with multiple chat support and agent lock-in feature. Keep logs of WhatsApp conversations to handle future conversations based on context. Rich media support and emoticons can help you add emotions in droning chat to build a stronger customer relationship.

Key Features

iCallify, call center WhatsApp solution supports various communication features that help in engaging clients and buyers to increase the success rate. You can use this platform to connect with clients via a simplified and personalized communication tool.
  • Multiple WhatsApp number support
  • Two-way WhatsApp chat support
  • Rich media support
  • Address book
  • Lock chat once the agent starts responding
  • Multiple chat support
  • Chat history
  • WhatsApp templates
  • Reports

Key benefits

Elevate the customer experience

WhatsApp can be used to deliver exceptional customer services and elevate the bar of client experience by engaging clients in contextual conversations via their favorite communication tool. WhatsApp chats will be assigned to skilled agents that can resolve client issues. This communication channel idealizes the complete customer journey with a positive experience.
call center WhatsApp integration
WhatsApp business integration

Centralized control

You can integrate multiple WhatsApp numbers with iCallify, omnichannel call center software. This facilitates easy engagement with clients via different WhatsApp business numbers using a single platform, iCallify. This gives a centralized platform to conduct and control client communication via WhatsApp.

Single channel, multiple utilities

WhatsApp communication has several utilities in any business. Thus, omnichannel contact center software incorporated WhatsApp as one of the communication channels. Some of the popular utilities of WhatsApp in the call center are:

  • Send appointment or booking reminders
  • Send overdue bill notifications
  • Send delivery notifications
  • Conduct a survey
  • Gather customer feedback
  • Verify customers
  • Conduct customer onboarding
  • Provide customer support
WhatsApp integration with call center solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, iCallify, WhatsApp solution will deliver and notify your agents for all WhatsApp chats that are sent to your WhatsApp business numbers. Your agents can also respond to this chat and have a WhatsApp conversation using iCallify, contact center solution.
iCallify is not just an omnichannel contact center solution, but it is an intelligent call center software. Its smart algorithms lock the WhatsApp chat of a customer for other agents as soon as one of the agents responds to that customer. This will avoid any chaos in WhatsApp chat support.
WhatsApp in iCallify, call center software supports unlimited chat sessions. But, depending on your infrastructure and workforce, the number of WhatsApp chat sessions can be defined. Ideally, one agent can handle two to four chat sessions effectively in parallel.

Learn to level up your customer support and sales game with an engaging communication channel and centralized control.

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