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The preview dialer solution is one of the most flexible auto dialing solutions. It not only gives the benefits of auto dialing, but it also gives room to the agent to breathe, compose himself, and jump into the next conversation with context and competence. Our preview dialer solution automatically selects the number and shows a small preview of the lead to the agent. This gives time to the agent along with the context to be prepared for the next call to increase the chance of a conversion. The preview dialer dials the number only when the agent shows the readiness to take the call. It also gives an opportunity to skip the number if the agent is not confident to handle that call successfully. This ensures a high conversion and success rate, which can go up to 300% 


Key benefits of using a preview dialer:

Arm your agents to lead the conversation

Evade the common roadblocks appearing to agents due to lack of knowledge. Let your agents know each important detail about the lead, customer, and call type to have a context driven conversation. Let your agents customize scripts based on information to handle clients in the most efficient manner instead of pushing clients naively to buy. 

preview dialer software
preview dialer

Empower agents to boost sales

Preview dialer software has the power to let agents predict the results of the call based on their own skills and understanding. Agents can take the call for which they are mentally prepared with their competence and confidence. Agents can take the liberty to skip calls with low sales conversion chances due to their knowledge and expertise. This helps in handling calls based on skill and competence and it would lead to boosted sales. 

Promote positive customer and agent experience

Let your agents feel confident about the conversation they will have. This satisfaction of the selection of calls will reflect on their performance. The customers will be left awestruck and impressed with personalized offers and deals that match their preferences and demands. This will aid in creating a win-win situation for agents and clients. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Preview dialer can bring excellent results for handling warm or hot sales leads or follow-up calls with customers. It is also good for handling premium clients or collection campaigns.
It slows down outbound campaigns because it gives time to the agent to be prepared and show readiness to take the call. Thus, it can increase the total call duration, but it is worth giving time to the agent to prepare for an important deal.
  • It can increase sales and conversion rate
  • It eliminates dropped calls
  • It increases the efficiency of agents and boosts morale

Learn how you can augment the results of your sales and lead generation campaigns with our preview dialer solution.

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