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Automatic call distribution (ACD) solution instantly attends the calls and puts them into an effective call queue to connect the customer to the most suitable agent. iCallify, ACD solution provider offers different types of call routing strategies to intelligently route inbound calls to the agent depending on various criteria such as skills, time, customer type, etc. automatic call distribution system also makes sure that all agents receive equal and fair opportunities to work productively. Intelligent call routing in ACD ensures that the call is assigned to the agent that can increase first call resolution (FCR) without hampering other KPIs. This enhances inbound call management as well as agent performance. 

The ACD/ intelligent call routing solutions of iCallify can handle the following jobs:

  • Identify caller and relevant information
  • Put caller in the right call queue
  • Engage caller until connected to the agent
  • Route and connect the call to the right an agent once an agent is available

Types of Automatic Call Distribution Solutions

iCallify provides all major call routing strategies with a 100% automated process. It means from queuing the call to connecting it to the agent will be handled by different types of call routing strategies available in the iCallify, automatic call distribution solution without any human assistance or intervention. 

Sticky agent

Strengthen customer relationships by building a strong bond with the customer using a sticky agent. This intelligent call routing strategy available in an automatic call distribution system connects customers with the same agents every time they call to receive support. This helps in reducing call handling time as the customer doesn’t need to reiterate his issue. It will help in improving the client experience. Additionally, it will increase agent productivity.

Skill based

Boost first call resolution (FCR) rate using a skill based call routing strategy. Always connect a customer with the most skilled agents in the group. This will not only reduce call hold time to fetch information for customer query resolution, but it will also help in leaving a positive brand image as a quick problem solving. Boost your FCR rate up to 95% with this automatic call distribution software. 

Round robin

Take advantage of the standard call routing rule to automatically assign calls on the first come first assign basis. Give equal opportunity to each agent to take calls and deliver excellent performance. Avoid the risk of experiments when you don’t know your audience to use sticky agent or skill based call routing strategies. Continue serving with the round robin call distribution offered by the top ACD software provider.


A/B testing and experimenting to identify the skills and competence of your agents can help in defining better future strategies for business. With a random call distribution strategy, you can achieve this. Randomly assign calls to available agents to keep pushing the limits and sharpening their skills of the agents. This automatic call distribution system is perfect when you are unaware of your audience’s nature. 

Least talk time

Increase efficiency and productivity of your customer care agents using the least talk time call routing strategy. This automatic call distribution software will assign calls to the agent in the group with the least talk time in the shift. This ensures that the agents that spent the least time with customers get the opportunity to boost their performance and increase efficiency. 

Fewest calls

Evade unfair call distribution using the fewest calls based call routing strategy. This automatic call distribution software will assign calls to the agent that has handled the fewest calls in the shift. This will promote equal and fair call distribution to allow all agents to work with the utmost productivity and efficiency. This can help in distributing the workload among agents in a fashioned manner. 

Use the most intelligent automatic call distribution solution to leverage omni-directional benefits for your inbound campaigns.

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Key Features

The intelligent call routing solution of iCallify supports different algorithms built with different features to support maximum productivity and the best in class customer experience. Some shared features are available in all automatic call distribution rules.
  • Live call monitoring
  • Campaign wise ACD configuration
  • Caller ID identification
  • Call queuing
  • Custom music on hold (MOH)
  • Single location and multi-location mapping
  • Scheduled callbacks
  • Call queue position announcement

Frequently Asked Questions

IVR interacts with clients using predefined voice messages put in a flow. ACD can put customer calls into the queue of the most suitable agent and connect with that agent.
It helps in connecting customers with the right agent, so without wasting much time, customers can receive a satisfactory response. In many cases, within the first call, the client receives the resolution.
It helps agents to receive a fair chance to perform. Moreover, it helps to boost the productivity and morale of agents.

Learn how to transform your clients into your brand advocates by delivering exceptional customer experience using an ACD/ intelligent call routing solution.

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