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Auto dialer software, which is also known as an auto call center dialer or a phone dialer, helps in accelerating the outbound calling campaigns with its amazing features. The auto dialer solutions offered by iCallify are not confined to just dialing numbers, but they can also perform multiple other automated operations to help agents spend more time talking to customers. The auto dialing system can help agents work more productively by taking off tedious jobs of dialing numbers and waiting to connect with the customers. This indeed boosts the results of outbound calling campaigns up to 75%. 

The auto dialer solutions of iCallify can handle the following jobs: 

  • Select the next number to dial depending on the auto dialer.
  • Skip numbers with a busy tone, not reachable signal, etc.
  • Detect answering machines (AMD).
  • Take IVR inputs to automate the outbound campaign. 
  • Connect customer with the agent.

Types of Auto Dialers

Our auto dialer software for call centers and businesses supports multiple types of auto dialers that can enhance the ROI of outbound campaigns by up to 150%. 

Predictive dialer

Minimize the idle time of agents by predicting agents’ availability and staying ready with the next calls to assign. Predictive dialing supports a flexible dialing ratio to match changing the pace of agents attending calls. It dials multiple numbers in one go to connect with enough clients for agents to work with the utmost productivity. It is an ideal dialing mode for lead filtering, cold calling, telemarketing, survey, telesales, and similar campaigns.

Progressive dialer

This auto dialing system is regarded as a more fashioned mode of auto dialing as it takes calls in a progressive manner and dials the next number only when the agent is prepared to take the next call. It may reduce the call connect rate compared to predictive dialing, but it aims at a positive customer experience once a call is connected. It is an ideal mode of dialing to handle more potential sales calls, warm leads, etc.

Power Dialer

This mode of auto dialing focuses on both speed and efficiency to balance productivity and connection ratio. As soon as a call is disconnected, it will auto dial the next number to connect to the agent. It does not wait for an agent to show availability to take the next call. This helps in boosting productivity by adding more responsibility of answering calls quickly. On the other hand, it ensures agents are available once calls are connected to customers. It is good for sales, surveys, and feedback campaigns.

Preview dialer

The auto dialing speed of the preview dialer depends on the speed of agents to grasp the customer information as it dials the next call once the agent gives a signal to proceed with auto dialing. Agents will see a preview of the lead to be connected before dialing the number by this auto dialing system. It gives room for preparation to agents to increase the chances of goal conversion. It is the most ideal auto dialing mode when you handle high potential customers, hot leads, collection, and similar campaigns.

Use auto dialer software for call centers and businesses to intensify the process and returns of outbound calling campaigns.

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Key Features

An auto dialer solution has multiple auto dialing modes in it. Auto dialing is also part of our iCallify, intelligent call center software. Different auto dialing systems will have different features. Still, there are some common features available in all different types of auto dialing solutions. 

  • CTI integration
  • Flexible number format
  • Pacing ratio
  • Auto dialing logic 
  • Call retry schedule 
  • Answering machine detection
  • Call recording
  • Live monitoring
  • Reports and insights 

Related Dialers

Make outbound calling campaigns 5x times faster without increasing dropped call rate with power dialing.

Eliminate idle time of agents to maximize efficiency and performance of agents to uplift productivity up to 200%.

Optimize the process of contacting warm leads and customers to lead a context driven conversation with preview dialing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are running outbound campaigns, then using an auto dialer solution can help you speed up the processes and save the time of your existing resources. You can maximize outputs, even with the same resources.
Each auto dialer solution for call centers has specific pros and cons depending on the nature of the campaign. Thus, the nature of the campaign and the goals to be converted can define the right auto dialing system.
The auto dialer software for call centers will automate dialing for you. Using a GUI based web app, you can choose auto dialing mode and other configurations.

Let our sales team explain the utilities of each of these auto dialer solutions for your business in a personalized sales call.

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