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Inbound Call Center Solution: Must Have Features

  • June 24, 2022

Call center solutions are available as a comprehensive platform, which can be used to run inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. However, you can also find a specific solution for call centers that run only one specific stream of calling campaigns. There are certain benefits of using that kind of contact center solution if you are going to run your business for a specific purpose only such as customer care. An inbound call center solution is one of the popular call center software types that are used in multiple businesses.

What is an inbound contact center solution?

A platform that has all or a majority of features to support inbound calling campaigns is an inbound solution for call centers.

Which are the must have features for an inbound call center solution?

Different call center solutions will have different features and that completely depends on the call center software provider. However, to effectively run your inbound software, you need the following features in your software for contact centers.

1. Smart Interactive voice response

An IVR is useful and must have feature to auto attend customer calls. Smart IVR will not only attend calls instantly, but it will also professionally greet clients and put them in the right call queue.

2. Unlimited call queue and MoH

This is a fundamental and most important feature to handle incoming calls. Customers may not be able to connect with your agents directly and they will be put in different call queues. This call queue should not have any limit for a maximum number of calls. It must also play engaging music on hold (MoH) files to engage clients until they are connected to agents.

3. Advanced call distribution rules

Call routing strategies are important in an inbound center. It ensures that the customers are connected to the right agents. Most vital call routing strategies are listed below:

  • Skill based 
  • Sticky agent
  • Round robin
  • Random
  • Most idle agent

4. Ring group

This is an advanced and amazing feature to support remote or hybrid workforce and its high performance. It will ring the Softphones of all agents in a calling group until one of them attends the call.

5. Time and holiday-based call routing

This is an advanced feature in an inbound call center solution. It helps in playing a relevant message depending on the working hours or holidays. 

6. Live call monitoring

The inbound contact center solution must have a live call monitoring feature to allow supervisors to monitor calls in real time to take the required action to ensure high quality of service for clients. 

7. Reports

Along with live statistics, historical reports showing major performance indicators and their value are necessary to measure and improve KPIs.

Concluding notes

An inbound solution will definitely have common features like call transfer, call forwarding, call mute and un-mute, call recording, etc. Along with that, it must have the features mentioned in this article. This will ensure seamless operations and excellent output for your inbound campaigns.

Are you looking for a reliable inbound call center solution with these and other advanced features?

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