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Everything You Need to Know about iCallify Lifetime Free Version

  • July 15, 2022

We always look forward to benefiting our users with the best in industry call center solutions. That is why we have developed the most advanced intelligent call center software, iCallify. Our goal or vision does not stop there. We persistently come up with better features, advanced versions, and excellent offers. This time, we have come up with a Lifetime Free Version of this Best contact center software.

Many call centers and businesses have already registered themselves for the free version and many are gaining more insight to sign up for this. To help you answer all your puzzling questions, we have come up with this article, which will give all the important details about the lifetime free version of iCallify.


Lifetime free license

Licensed version or a trial

This is not a trial of this call center solution. It is a complete software solution giving you access to this platform for a lifetime and no expiration as it might be in a free trial version. In the future, when you want to upgrade your call center software to use more advanced features, the same license will be upgraded and you will not need to get the license.

Science behind a Lifetime Free Call Center Solution

Feature access

The free version of this intelligent call center software will give you access to its all inbound, outbound, and blended calling features. You will also be able to use all other standard and advanced features available in the latest version of this software, which is iCallify Version 3.0.

Validity of the license 

The license of this software for call centers and businesses is valid for a lifetime. It means it has no expiration date. You can use this software for as many days or years as you want to with all available features. As it is a free version and not a free trial, it will not expire.

Payment information

You do not need to give any payment information like bank details or credit card details to use this best contact center software. It means it is a completely risk free platform, which will never swipe your card or bank account and charge you. You can use this platform stress free till you want to. You will need to pay when you want to upgrade your software.


You can host this software on your own cloud or server depending on your preference. You will get complete control over the decision of using and hosting this call center solution as per your own requirements and preferences. 

Omnichannel support

This software for call centers also supports omnichannel communication. You will need to integrate the APIs of the additional communication channel that you want to use. By default, it supports voice calls.

Technical support

iCallify is very easy to use and will not cause major complications. Still, if you need any support, you can either use our community forum to ask your queries and get the required response or you can use on-demand paid technical support. 

We hope all your questions are answered and we would be happy to onboard you to use this best intelligent call center software. Still, if you have any questions.

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