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iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software: Exceptional Offerings

  • July 29, 2022

Call center solutions are plenty in the industry. But, what you need to look for is not just a call center solution, but something exceptional that can help you elevate your success metrics. For example, instead of just a solution for call center, you must look for a customer engagement software solution or a sales booster solution. Look for an intelligent call center software solution that can help you enhance your ROI model.

iCallify is one of the best contact center solutions, which is empowered with the best features and intelligent algorithms. Yes, it is an intelligent call center solution. Not only this, but other than its exceptional features and functionalities, it also has exceptional offerings to leave you amazed.

Let’s take a look at the best offerings available now to the users of iCallify.

1. Lifetime free license

We bet this is a never seen before offer available for any call center solution. You get complete access to an intelligent call center solution without any restrictions for a lifetime and that is also free. Do you know what is surprising, it is a risk free license and you can host this software on your own server or cloud. Yes, use the amazing benefits of licensed cloud based call center software by hosting this software on your own business cloud.

Contact us now to sign up for a lifetime free license of iCallify or to explore more details of this license.

2. Advanced intelligent call center software version 3.0

Recently, iCallify has launched its latest version for its users. Now, this software is available with more advanced features and modules. The call center software developer of iCallify has also integrated some features of an IP PBX solution to benefit its users with PBX based communication features as well. Save more and use more with this one of the best call center solutions.

Read this article to know more about the iCallify version 3.0 launch.

3. Multi tenant support

iCalliy is one of those few call center solutions that support multi tenancy. The businesses can use a parent-child network for their own business for a more controlled and administered customer care software based setup or generate revenue from the call center dialer solution by offering hosted software or call center services.

4. Multilingual support

This software for call centers also supports multiple communication languages. English is the default language, in which iCallify is available. In addition to that, this software is also available in multiple other languages. The software also supports adding more communication channels in this software. 

5. Community support for technical help

Using an iCallify lifetime free version may cause some questions in your mind or you may have some general questions related to using the call center software. To resolve your questions, this software provider also offers free forum based community support. You can ask any questions related to this or any other call center dialer solutions in this forum and a community of experienced call center software developers and support engineers will help you resolve these concerns for free.

Of course, iCallify also has a provision of paid, professional technical support for the users of this intelligent contact center solution, but unlike many other proprietary call center solution providers, this provider offers free community support.

6. Flexible setup models

iCallify is one of the most flexible call center software solutions available in the market. It’s proven with its flexible setup models. This software can be installed as a single tenant or a multi tenant call center solution depending on the need of the business. Moreover, it can be installed on a dedicated server, on-premise server, or any cloud platform depending on the preference of the business. Unlike many other software solutions that can either be server based or cloud call center solutions, iCallify is a versatile platform and can be installed on any hosting model as a single tenant or a multi tenant system.

7. Flexible pricing models

iCallify also supports flexible pricing models. Depending on the business need or your preference, you can choose any one out of three available pricing models. 

  • Lifetime free 
  • Growth 
  • Enterprise 

The flexible pricing model also gives the flexibility of paying for license costs in one-time or in installments monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can choose whether you need a predefined number of agent seats or an unlimited number of agent seats. You can also opt for on-demand or all-inclusive technical call center software support.

8. One-click upgrade option

One of the most amazing offerings of iCallify is the simplicity and hassle-free upgrade option. You can simply upgrade your blended, outbound, or inbound call center solution with a single click. For example, if you are using a lifetime free license of iCallify and now you want to add more concurrent calls or agent seats, all you need to do is click on the upgrade button, and add what you need in the upgraded version, pay for it and you are done. The rest will be handled by the system or the iCallify team.

9. Call center software billing

You would hardly find any software for call centers that supports billing features, but iCallify has a whole new and advanced call center billing solution that can be used with multi tenant call center solutions, iCallify. It provides various billing features and supports both prepaid and postpaid billing.

10. Insightful resources

Along with the best call center software, iCallify also provides insightful and free resources to its users and even to website visitors. Its blog posts, webinars, eBooks, etc. give more details information about this software, industry, utilities of this platform, and more to help you enhance the business and grow at a rapid rate.

Concluding notes

In a nutshell, iCallify is not yet another solution for call centers, but it is the best and the most intelligent call center software with value added offerings to benefit users of this software as well as visitors of

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