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Best Practice to Setup a Thriving Multi Tenant Call Center

  • July 15, 2023

Customer care is one of the most fundamental needs of businesses nowadays. To maintain a steady revenue generation stream by retaining existing customers and to defeat competition effectively, businesses need to have a very well defined customer care department.  

A majority of businesses prefer to set up an in-house support department for this business’s need. All these businesses might not be interested in investing in customer care software and here a call center service provider can gain an edge. By setting up a feature rich multi tenant call center, service providers can build a revenue generating and profit making business. 

The right software and best practices to run the business can be the real savior of these call center service providers. To help them set up a thriving and successful call center setup with multi tenant architecture, we are going to share the major best practices. 

Top 5 Best Practice to Setup a Thriving Multi Tenant Call Center

1. Get the best multi tenant call center software

This business is not possible without the right platform. It is necessary to get one of the best multi tenant call center solutions. It must have an easy to use graphical user interface that can be used to create and centrally administer tenants. It must also have role based access control with click and administer features to make it easy to assign different features to different tenants depending on their needs.

Additionally, businesses have to invest in a call center with billing because providers will have to bill customers. A call center billing solution will automatically bill clients and even send invoices. Of course, it must have advanced features and support for omnichannel communication to help you offer attractive services. 

2. Invest in configuration and setup architecture

The configuration of the software is as crucial as the software itself. In fact, it must have the right kind of setup, so you can offer high availability service with exceptional failover support to your clients. In a multi tenant call center, it is necessary to have a scalable and robust system, which can withhold high traffic and sudden spikes in the traffic as well. Along with the software technology, the hosting model must be clear and dependable to achieve this. 

The multi tenant call center software that is set up on cloud platforms with cluster setups is often better performing than simple single server setups. 

3. Define clear licensing rules

In this business, licensing would be a bigger challenge. The license might not be a lifetime license, but it will be for the predefined time duration to let tenants use this software with granted features and access. You will need to even configure these rules in the call center billing solution to automate the invoicing and billing process.

Therefore, one of the processes to set up while setting up a multi tenant business using this software for call centers, you must be very conscious about the creation of licensing rules and regulations. 

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4. Setup your own support department

Customer care is necessary in all businesses and your business is definitely not different here. In fact, your clients may need more support for their technical concerns, billing related questions, upgrade related queries, and more.

Therefore, it is necessary to have skilled agents to set up your own customer support department. Of course, you already have the best customer care software at your disposal to provide reliable and delightful customer care services. 

You must hire an experienced team that has some sort of technical knowledge to handle clients efficiently. It is worth mentioning that your team must be trained to be more professional, empathetic, and polite to win the hearts of your clients. Your managers must be monitoring the performance of agents and provide them with occasional training or real time coaching to perform better. 

5. Keep upgrading technology 

You must have got one of the best multi tenant call center solutions for your company to set up your revenue generating business. You must have all the required features from omni channel communication to integration of the best tools like CRM, PBX, etc.

However, technology changes persistently and it adds different features to the software. New features will be part of these solutions and that will be the demand of clients. While setting up your business, you must have provisioning to upgrade technology every time when it becomes necessary. 

Concluding notes 

Whenever you are getting started with a new business, it is always necessary to be aware of the best practices of the industry. This not only gives you a great start, but it also helps in successfully growing even in the competitive industry. 

When you decide to set up your multi tenant business in the call center industry, along with getting the best software for call centers, you must also learn about the best practices of the industry. We have shared all major tips and recommendations that you can follow while setting up your business. 

If you are looking for a call center with billing and other features to set up a multi tenant call center, get in touch. 

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