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Guiding Principle of Lifetime Free Call Center Software  

  • January 15, 2023

Businesses consider profit and loss in any decision they make. As customer retention is one of the driving factors these days for a business to stay profitable, using a feature-rich call center solution is one of the obligations for businesses. This software helps businesses deliver more reliable customer services and streamline the complete cycle of the customer journey. There are multiple options of call center solutions available in the market and one of the buzzwords these days is a lifetime free call center software solution.

We have recently published a complete guide on a lifetime free call center solution, which covers all major elements related to this software for contact centers. If you are unaware of this amazing offering of the best call center software providers, read this article.

As this topic is gaining interest from businesses, we have compiled this guide on the guiding principle of a lifetime free contact center solution.


Lifetime free license

Topics covered in this blog post are as below:

  1. What is lifetime free software for call centers?
  2. Who provides a lifetime free solution?
  3. Is it really a lifetime free solution?
  4. Are there any risks involved?
  5. Concluding notes

All these questions are answered in this blog post to give you a more detailed insight into this trending topic that can benefit your business as well.

(I) What is lifetime free software for call centers?

This may sound astounding and raise multiple questions in regard to what a free call center solution really means and that also a lifetime free. But, it is exactly what you understand. When you get a call center solution without investing any money in the software, it is a free system. A lifetime free system indicates the software that your business gets for free and that is also for a lifetime. In general, call center software providers offer a free trial of the software. This free trial gives access to this software for predefined intervals such as 7 days, 14 days, or even 30 days. On the contrary, a lifetime free system is available for use forever. This is indeed alluring, right? Well, it is also worth using, but after checking every important detail about the offer as it can vary from provider to provider.

  (II) Who provides a lifetime free solution?

iCallify Lifetime Free Call Center Solution

Before you explore who provides this, it is necessary to understand two main options available to avail of this software.

  1.       Open source
  2.       Third party

The open source solutions are usually available for free for a lifetime and you can get the software from the official website of that software for contact centers. On the other hand, third party solutions can be availed from the provider.

There are not many proprietary call center solutions available for free for obvious reasons, but still, the top and revolutionary providers offer this software to businesses to meet the different objectives of their clients. One of the most popular providers of lifetime free call center software is iCallify. iCallify is an intelligent call center solution and is available with a lifetime free model. With a single click, one can avail of this software.

More details of iCallify LIFETIME FREE Software

  (III) Is it really a lifetime free solution?

Now comes an important solution, is any free thing really free? This includes the call center software as well. As mentioned there are two types of contact center solutions available for free so we will check both of them and whether they are really free or not.

open source and third party

Open source call center system with lifetime free model

Third party call center system with lifetime free model

  • The software is available for free for a lifetime for existing, past, and upcoming versions of the software.
  • The software is also free for a lifetime, but it is necessary to check which version. Some providers offer only a few editions with a lifetime free model. On the other hand, some providers offer existing and future versions for free for a lifetime. You can check on the FAQ page of the product or directly with the provider about this fact.
  • Usually, open source solutions don’t have reliable and user friendly themes. Thus, even if the software is free, you will need to customize the theme. As the open source system gives access to the source code, you can easily customize the theme, but definitely, it will cost you additional.
  • The third party solutions put much emphasis on keeping elements more user friendly and GUI driven. This gives easier to use and attractive themes and will not need you to invest anything for the software theme.
  • Right now, the client centric service business is moving fast and needs revolutionary features. For example, an omnichannel contact center solution is the demand of the time, which will not be available in an open source system. You will need to invest in integrating the communication channels and developing the modules to access these features.
  • The proprietary solutions will be at the forefront to add features depending on customer demands and needs. Thus, you would get access to all advanced features, including omnichannel communication if the provider is offering lifetime free access to the latest version of the software for contact centers. Moreover, providers will continue adding new and latest features, which would be available to the users.
  • Even if the software is available for free, you will have to pay for hosting space, maintenance, etc.
  • Even for a third party lifetime free contact center solution, you will need to pay for hosting and maintenance of the software because software is available for free, but support services are not.


  (IV) Are there any risks involved?

Many businesses often get worried when they hear the word free. Lifetime free may cause more questions and dilemmas in the mind of the provider. Thus, it is necessary to explore the risks involved. There are not many risks involved in general. Many businesses get concerned that their data may get compromised or they may face some unexpected issues for using a free solution. However, there are no similar risks involved for multiple reasons. Let me share why there are no major risks if you have chosen a reliable provider. Remember, a reliable and trustworthy provider is necessary to select.

1. Data privacy: The software usually gets installed on your own cloud. Thus, any and all data you upload in the software and traverse will be of your ownership and under your own control. Your software provider will not have access to this software data so do not worry about your data and its privacy.

2. Sudden loss of access to the software: One major concern businesses have is what if they lose software to access all of the sudden. In general, a lifetime free call center solution provides you a license, whether it is an open source or a third party. When you get a license of the software, even if the software ceases, you will not lose the software until and unless you violate some rules or breach the code of conduct and the provider suspends your access to the software. You can always check with the provider about suspension clauses or loss of account.

3. Sudden enforcement of fee: Again when you get any software with a license, there are some predefined rules mentioned in their policy or contract. You can ask for the same to be on the safer side if you need your own relief.

Isn’t there any risk?

There are multiple risks associated, including all three mentioned in this section if your provider is not right and trustworthy. This is the reason when you choose any software, it is necessary to select the right provider. Not only a free call center solution, but even when you are buying an omnichannel contact center solution, you must get the contract or product policy to know how things can turn out for you now or in the future.

A reliable and trustworthy company always keeps everything transparent and has nothing to worry about while using a lifetime free system.

  (V) Concluding notes

In conclusion, using a free contact center software solution can be alluring and beneficial for any business. In fact, when you are just getting started, this can be a great decision as you get ample chances to keep capital investment low and still get access to the most feature rich software. Software is free, but the use of the software might not be as you will need to pay for hosting, maintenance, etc. The golden rule to make your experience flawless is to use the software only from a reliable provider.

iCallify is one of the popular providers of this contact center software with a lifetime free version. It is an intelligent call center solution with smart algorithms. It gives access to all features of the software along with omnichannel communication. It also has transparent details mentioned about this software on the website. You also get community support. You can explore all details from the pricing page available on the website and sign up for a lifetime free call center software edition of iCallify.

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