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Top Reasons to Use a Free Trial of a Call Center Software 

  • September 8, 2022

Call center solutions have become a household tool for businesses as the focus is now shifting towards client centric business rather than feature centric or business centric. As the demand for this software is increasing, the supply of this software has also increased. This makes the selection of the best call center software difficult for companies and call centers.

There are multiple ways to find the right unified call center solution for your business.

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One of the practical things that you can try to find an ideal contact center solution for your business is using a free trial of the software. There are multiple advantages of trying a free trial of the contact center software.

1. Explore features practically

A call center software provider claims to offer the most advanced features. If you would keep some USPs aside, the features in all call center solutions will be identical. In many cases, once the software is delivered, some features work and some don’t. Thus, by using a free trial of the software, you will be able to use these features practically and learn about their efficiency and accuracy.

2. Learn which package will best fit your business needs

Different businesses offer different packages and you often get sold for the highest pricing plan to get all the features. You may definitely need the best call center software, but you may or may not need all the features of the solution. When you use the free trial of the software, you will be able to learn what the necessary features are and what features you need. You will also learn about the features that stay untouched and unused. This can help you choose the best package for your business.

3. Learn the compatibility with the call center software provider

Post-sales support is as important as getting an ideal call center solution. There are many companies that have amazing software, but when it comes to post-sale support, they lag for whatever reason. This can be really frustrating because even if this solution is a GUI based system, it can have some technical aspects and you will need technical support from your provider. During the free trial phase, you will also get to see how responsible and responsive your partner is. This will help you choose the right partner.


In a nutshell, a free trial of the cloud call center software can help you explore the accuracy of the features and efficiency of the provider. You will not only be able to find the right software, but also the right provider.

A majority of free trials are limited to 7 days to 30 days free trial. What if you get a lifetime free edition of the best call center solution?

iCallify is an intelligent contact center software solution. You can get a lifetime free edition of this software. To know more about it and to book your free edition.

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