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How to Better Manage Your Sales Performance with a Predictive Dialer?

  • September 14, 2022

Auto dialers are popular for speeding up outbound campaigns. Most of the time, the auto dialer software or feature gets used to run sales campaigns. One of the most powerful and intelligent auto dialing systems is a predictive dialer.

It can smartly predict the ratio of predictive dialing, which defines how many agents will be available to take calls and how many numbers need to dial in parallel to connect with leads assigned to these agents.

In multiple ways, a VoIP predictive dialer solution can help in managing sales campaign performance better. Let’s explore how.

1. Smart dialing

The intelligent call center software builds smart predictive dialing algorithms that can analyze various aspects of a sales campaign like:

  • Total call drop ration
  • Total number of present agents
  • Total agents on the call
  • Available calling lines
  • Average talk time of agents
  • And more

Depending on all these and other smart features, it adjusts the predictive dialing ratio. This ratio helps in running sales campaigns more efficiently. It also helps in reaching out to customers when they are likely to attend to boost sales rates.

2. Maximize sales campaign reach

maximise sales campaign leads

A predictive dialer, whether it is a cloud predictive dialer solution or a feature available in one of the call center solutions, is capable of maximizing sales campaign reach. It reduces the agents’ idle time and keeps agents busy on calls. This helps them spend more time on call, convincing potential leads to make a sale. The speed of dialing and assigning calls of this auto dialing system can even help in reaching out to leads multiple times or reach more leads to increase sales performance.

3. Reach clients when they are ready

A predictive dialing solution is very efficient in keeping records of clients and their preferred time to talk. Depending on this data, a VoIP predictive dialer solution will run a predictive dialing campaign to connect with a lead when it is more likely to engage in a conversation. This can help in boosting the reach of sales campaigns. In addition to that, if any client has requested a callback, then this feature of the top call center solutions will automatically add that number to the dialing list. This helps agents to get more sales by engaging clients in interest driven conversation and that also at the right time.

4. Supports real time coaching

A cloud predictive dialer solution or this feature in the software will provide real time monitoring, interception, and take control features to supervisors. A supervisor can use it to coach agents in real time or even take control to convert a potential lead that an agent is failing to handle.

Concluding notes

In a nutshell, a predictive dialer as a feature of intelligent call center software or as an individual predictive dialing solution can help in improving individual and overall performance. This helps in boosting sales performance in a business.

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