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How Does Predictive Dialer Boost Revenue?

  • November 19, 2022

Nowadays, modern contact center solutions are loaded with advanced features to amplify benefits of using the call center software. Usually, the contact centers are used for customer care and improve customer satisfaction. However, that is not it! There are many features available in this software that can be used to increase revenue and the call center dialers with inbuilt automation. Different call center solutions can have different dialers and cloud predictive dialer is one of the most advanced auto dialers.

There are many use cases and benefits of a predictive dialing solution. One of the major advantages of using a VoIP predictive dialer software solution is that it can boost the revenue drastically high. As it is integrated into the call center software, the whole operations would be quite seamless and swift.

Let’s explore more about predictive dialing and how it can help businesses to increase ROI charts drastically.

What is a predictive dialer?

It is an outbound calling mechanism available as an outbound dialer or as one of the features available in the call center solutions. In fact, it is the most advanced auto dialing system available in the contact center software as it can predict the probability of a hit.

In a call center, when a call goes successful, it is known as a hit and when a call goes unsuccessful, it is called a miss. When a call center aims to increase revenue, it usually focuses on increasing lead generation, lead conversion, and sales. The hit means the call is moved to the next stage of sales funnel to generate more revenue. It can also be used to improve customer experience to retain clients and steady revenue streams.


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How does a predictive dialer work?

A predictive dialer provider can integrate different predictive pace in this auto dialing system. The predictive dialing pace has a major role to play in the auto dialing system. Predictive dialer pace defines how many telephone numbers it needs to dial to connect with a human customer. Likewise, it also predicts when an agent on the call will get available to take the next call.

In a nutshell, the predictive dialer software can predict when an agent will get available and how many telephone numbers need to be dialed to connect with the agent.

Some contact center solutions allow adjusting the predictive dialing ratio manually. In general, this ratio is managed automatically by the software.

Increase Sales Performance With a Predictive Dialer

How does a predictive dialer boost revenue?

The ability of using call metrics, calling intelligence and auto dialing makes it unique auto dialer software. A cloud predictive dialer can be accessed from remote locations, which maximizes the benefits of sales campaigns. Cold leads to warm leads can be handled using this automated call center dialer to boost revenue generation.

1. Boost reach and filter leads in cold calling campaigns

If you have warm leads, the VoIP predictive dialer software can give amazing results as it can quickly connect the agents to the customers to have sales conversations. But, let’s first understand the first step of cold calling, which is commonly cold calling.

The predictive dialer software has the capacity to increase call connect rate up to 200%. It will help your agents connect with more and more leads and filter them to classify in the groups based on their preferences and interest for further follow-ups. This will reduce the reach time and help in increasing results of the cold calling or tele-sales campaigns.

2. Increase average talk time of agents

Each agent will be monitored by this auto dialer software to check whether any of them is available to take the call to boost productivity. As soon as the agent is available, the system will reach the customer and assign the call to the agent. It will make sure the overall idle time of agents, as well as, individual idle time is reduced, so agents can spend more time on having sales conversations. This further helps in increasing sales and revenue. This stage is used in both further lead filtering or to move the warm leads to the next stage of the sales funnel or even to lock more deals and generate direct revenue.

3. Give equal opportunity to agents

Unlike multiple other sales dialer solution, this dialing system makes sure each agent is treated equally and receives the call volume based on his or her own capabilities. This helps in boosting the morale of agents to perform better and increase sales. Higher opportunities help in better performance. Good performing sales executives will cultivate the much needed art of making more sales and increasing revenue.

4. Increase lead conversion and sales

The least idle time, high talk time, high reach and engagement, and other parameters can help in boosting effectiveness of different outbound calling campaigns. Thus, predictive dialing solution is often preferred in businesses that focus on lead generation and sales campaigns. It also saves resources and maximizes output to further increase revenue generation.

5. Increase cross selling and upselling

Your own customers can be your better buyer if you have an art of selling and a great customer care team in place. A call center solution with a predictive dialer will also have multiple other features of customer care software. Thus, a business using this system is more likely to have a high customer satisfaction ratio. Using a predictive dialing feature of the dialer software, a call center can run cross selling and upselling campaigns. Happy customers would be happy to buy more if you offer value added deals. A predictive dialing algorithm will help in reaching more clients in the least time. This would boost revenue generation.

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Whether a predictive dialer is used as a standalone solution or if you use it as one of the features integrated into a call center solution, there are several opportunities for retaining existing revenue and generating more by locking more deals using cold leads and warm lead databases.

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