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How to Launch a Call Center Business?

  • September 16, 2022

Launching your own business can give you wings to meet your professional goals at double speed. You can be your own boss and what is even more important is you can boost your earnings. Having your own business can help you put your full caliber upfront and increase revenue generation to increase ROI (Returns over Investment). There are multiple options to launch and run a successful business. One of the most profitable options is launching your own call center business using a call center solution.

The call center business is quite in-demand and launching this business has also become very easy. Acquiring the best and most intelligent call center software is not difficult or even that expensive. All you need to do is have the right plan, the right software, and the right technology partner.  

In this blog post, we will share important tips and a complete guide that can help you launch your own call center business.  

Here are the top aspects that you will need to consider. 

call center business

Let’s explore each of these aspects and how you can strategically make a decision. 

1. Business

This aspect defines the type of business you can get started with or run. There are multiple types of call center solutions available in the market. Defining your business model and type can help you further with finding the right software, too. 

There are two major models of call center business. 

a) Running your own call center

This can be the easiest way with moderate to high competition depending on your region or business market. You can use an omnichannel contact center solution to gain a competitive edge as this is a digitized era and customers use different types of communication channels to connect with businesses. 

A call center can run inbound, outbound or/and blended campaigns for its clients to generate revenue. You will need to find local or global clients that are interested in outsourcing their customer care, sales, survey, and similar campaigns for businesses like yours that provide call center services. 

The advantage of this model is that it would be cheaper to get started and launch your business. The disadvantage can be high competition in your area. However, the right strategy with pricing or unique offering can help you capture the market with ease. 

b) Offering a call center solution as a product or service (Use PaaS or SaaS model)

iCallify as a service

Another option to launch your own business is running a business as a call center software provider to call centers that want to offer customer care, survey, sales, and similar services. You can provide them the solution as a service (SaaS) or a product as a service (PaaS) to let them run their business, while you can make money from your software.

You will need a multi tenant contact center solution. You may also need a cloud based solution to swiftly run your SaaS or PaaS business. A call center billing solution will be another required tool to run a business as a software provider.

The benefit of running this type of business is that the competition will be low or moderate as there are not many providers of this software as a SaaS or PaaS option. A majority of call center software providers offer a licensed solution. This gives you the option to earn more with low competition. The challenge can be, finding this type of client. However, this won’t be a big challenge as the market is wide open.

2. Technical

Once you define the type of business you want to run, the next step is to think about technical infrastructure. Depending on your business model, you will need a single tenant or multi tenant contact center solution. In both cases, you can use an omnichannel contact center solution and a cloud based solution to leverage the advantages related to using them.

A call center billing system is a must if you choose the second business model based on SaaS or PaaS. It will automate the whole billing process, which is a must to run a seamless business. Manual processing of billing would be too complicated. 

Depending on your business model, you will also need to define the setup time that you will use for your business. It can be any of the following: 

         (1) Single service 

         (2) Distributed setup

         (3) Cluster setup 

                  ->With failover and load balancing

                 -> Without failover and load balancing

If you find all these technicalities too difficult to decode, nothing to worry about as your call center software provider will guide you once you discuss your plan. 

If you are interested in a free consultation to launch your call center business, contact us. 

3. Getting started

icallify get start

A typical getting started plan would include the following: 

If you find one of the right call center software providers as a partner and reliable team, it is as easy as it sounds to launch and grow. 

If you have any doubts or a shortage of budget, you may start with a lifetime free edition of an intelligent software solution. You can start with running your business as a call center with a single tenant solution. Once you start generating revenue, you can invest in a multi tenant solution and upscale the business model to increase revenue generation. 

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, launching your business with one of the right call center software solutions is easy. As the demand for lead generation, customer feedback, customer satisfaction, and similar parameters increase, the demand for call centers has also been increasing drastically. With the right plan and resources, you can launch and run a successful business without any hiccups. This will help you start leveraging high revenue. 

We can help you get started and go forward on this journey with our award winning call center solution. We also provide free consultancy, lifetime free software, community (forum) support, and much more. Contact us to initiate the discussion.  

You can also meet our team at different tradeshows we participate in to have a one to one discussion.

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