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Impress Your Clients to Boost Their Satisfaction with Inbound Call Center Software

  • January 18, 2023

Customers are very vital assets for businesses. Retaining clients can help businesses win the competition along with leveraging several advantages. Traditionally, customers used to get satisfied with above average customer service. However, now customers have preset expectations and they look for the best experience. Businesses need to go above and beyond to impress customers and increase customer satisfaction. From using the best inbound call center software to streamlining internal processes, there is so much a business can do to redefine and revolutionize its customer service game and impress customers with awesome customer service.

In this blog post, we will cover major points related to customer satisfaction in a business, which leads to a wide array of benefits.

Topics covered in this blog post are as below: 

  1. What is customer satisfaction?
  2. How to measure customer satisfaction?
  3. What is iCallify: Inbound call center software?
  4. How can you impress customers with iCallify?
  5. Concluding notes

In this blog post, all these questions will be answered and give you a complete insight on this vital topic, so you can enhance your customer care strategies and impress your clients.

1.      What is Customer Satisfaction?

 customer satisfaction with inbound call center solution

Customer delight or customer satisfaction is the term used to measure the happiness of your clients in general with your efforts to meet their expectations. It is now only about delivering answers to their queries, but it is an approach and attitude to deliver more than expectations to clients to leave them awestruck and delighted with your exceptional services.

A prospective client or lead falls under the category of the customer after a long sales cycle of different stages followed in a sales funnel:

Awareness generation -> Interest generation -> Decision making -> Sales 

There are several sub-stages in each stage of the customer sales cycle. This is a time consuming and expensive process. The job of a business does not get over once the customer is onboard and starts using your service. In fact, the real job starts there to retain their client and win the loyalty of the customer. To reap more profit from each customer, it is necessary to retain that client. According to  the Huify  report, retaining an existing client is 5x times cheaper than acquiring a new customer. There are several statistics that prove the worth of retaining clients and increasing customer loyalty.

Customer satisfaction is one of the keys to retaining clients and winning their loyalty. By delivering expected customer service and post-sales support, you make it a bit easier to impress your clients. You also need to redefine your strategies to delight customers.

2.      How to Measure Customer Satisfaction?

We all know the fundamentals of keeping customers happy, so you must have pulled up your socks to start getting into this game of leveling up your client satisfaction. You already must have started getting some thoughts and having an adrenal rush to start implementing strategies to boost client satisfaction. However, hold on and work on an important aspect first and that is defining customer satisfaction metrics.

While running any business and aiming for something, it is necessary to have some measurements to evaluate whether you are putting resources and efforts in the right direction or not. The same applies to customer satisfaction, too. You need to define major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can help in reviewing how well your customer service efforts and investments are paying off. Your inbound contact center software can help you define and measure these KPIs using real time statistics and reports. In fact, all major call center solutions provide major KPIs and their values in the reports. In fact, you would see multiple KPIs in the software for call centers. Thus, it is necessary to focus on major customer satisfaction KPIs only. To help you identify the top KPIs, we have made a list of them with a brief and explained hereunder.

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Top 10 Metrics to Measure Customer Satisfaction


This is the top metric that each business must measure if it is focusing on customer satisfaction. This KPI indicates customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate and is usually gathered by running a small rating or feedback IVR after the service call or by running a survey using a call center solution to check whether a customer is happy with the delivered services or not.


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is another major KPI that businesses need to use to measure whether their resources are rightly invested and boost customer satisfaction or not. In simple words, this KPI reflects how likely a customer is to promote your business to someone else. You must have answered a question, “How likely is it that you refer our service to someone else?”

Customer Churn Rate

It is also referred to as the customer attrition rate. This reflects the number of customers that stopped using your offerings for any reason. This clearly indicates failure in gaining customer satisfaction. There can be multiple reasons behind that, but it is necessary to identify the right reasons and keep this KPI value under control. At some point, you may lose a client, but it should not be too fast and frequent.

Call Abandoned Rate

This KPI indicates the average % of customers that hang up calls before reaching the customer service agent. This reflects the slow process of handling customer calls or putting them in long call queues without a callback scheduling option, which may result in major customer dissatisfaction.


Traditionally, FCR stands for First Call Resolution. In the 21st century in which the use of an omnichannel contact center solution is common, it stands for First Contact Resolution. FCR indicates the number of customers that received a satisfactory resolution to their queries within the first call or contact via any communication channel.

Average Call Hold Time

It indicates the average % of time spent by your clients on hold. This includes the time when the customer was holding on waiting to connect with the right agent, letting the agent come back with some information or resolution, etc. Too long hold time degrades the customer service standards.

Average Call Drop Ratio

This customer satisfaction KPI indicates the number of calls that are dropped by clients before reaching the conclusion of the call. This can be due to too long hold time or inadequate handling of the client call in general.

Average Call Transfer Rate

This can be a big turn off for clients. It reflects the average time calls were transferred to another agent or supervisor. If this number is too high, you are not using the right automatic call distribution system of inbound call center software.

Customer Effort Score

As the name suggests, it shows how much effort a customer needs to put in to get the expected service or satisfaction. For example, if it is too tough to reach out to your customer service agent, this may push your CEC value down.

Customer Lifetime Value

This is a more revenue specific metric that identifies the exact value reaped from a client over a predefined period of time. This is very important to make monetary decisions and identify profit or loss from your client satisfaction effort and investment.

 3.      What is iCallify: Inbound Call Center Software?

inbound call center software

One of the tools you can use to measure the major customer satisfaction KPIs and boost client delight by impressing them is using the best inbound contact center software. iCallify is one of the most popular inbound call center solutions that are in use by hundreds of businesses across 50+ countries. It helps them redefine their customer service game and elevate customer satisfaction metrics rapidly.

iCallify is loaded with amazing features to support different customer care campaigns, which is why it is also known as a customer care software solution. Some of the key features of best inbound contact center solution are listed below:

  • Real time statistics
  • Unlimited queues
  • Automatic call distribution system
  • Dynamic IVR solution
  • Call recording
  • Custom music on hold
  • Automated callback scheduling
  • Holiday and time based call routing
  • Ring group
  • Live call monitoring
  • And more

There are many more features associated with this software for call centers to boost customer satisfaction and impress your clients.

4.      How Can You Impress Customers with iCallify?

inbound call center software solution

If you are wondering how using this call center solution can leave your clients impressed, then here are the strategies to follow:

Map Your Customer Expectations

This software can help you identify the expectations of your clients. Data and insightful reports available in iCallify can help you review the major expectations of clients. You can also run an after-call survey to identify major customer expectations to improve client satisfaction.

Define and Measure the Right Customer Satisfaction KPIs

iCallify is one of the top and most advanced inbound call center solutions. You can review a range of success metrics available in this software that reflect customer satisfaction. iCallify provides these metrics values in real time and in reports with historic data. Furthermore, you can add custom KPIs in this software as it is one of the most flexible call center software solutions. You must keep measuring these KPIs on an ongoing basis to keep fine tuning your strategy to impress clients.

Train Your Team to Meet Client Expectations

You must have a well trained team, but keep it an ongoing process to train agents. They must know how to identify client expectations and moods and personalize their pitch. Supervisors can use live coaching or periodic training to train agents.

Use the Right Features

As mentioned earlier, this software has an array of features from a dynamic IVR solution to automatic call distribution software, voice broadcasting solution, soundboard Avatars, custom script, etc.

These features can help in running better customer care campaigns and delivering exceptional customer service. This can help you impress customer satisfaction.

Keep Refining Your Customer Satisfaction Strategy

Customer demands and expectations change frequently and dynamically. Thus, it is necessary to keep a check on customer expectations, customer satisfaction KPIs, and other vital elements. Based on ongoing research and analysis, businesses need to keep evaluating the effectiveness of an existing customer satisfaction strategy. Businesses must also use an omnichannel strategy with this omnichannel contact center solution to boost customer satisfaction and impress their clients.

5.      Concluding Notes

Customer loyalty is necessary for a business at least to recover the investment made to acquire that client and make it a profitable deal. Moreover, customer retention is necessary to continue increasing revenue streams and referrals and other forms of new businesses by acquiring more clients.

Competition in each industry is too high and competitors are always ready to snatch away clients. There are several options available to the clients. Thus, meeting their expectations is quite difficult, but with the right tools, it is achievable.

In a nutshell, customer satisfaction is very important in any business to retain clients and client retention is even more important. Using the right strategy to improve client satisfaction can make this tough looking job difficult. There are multiple options from using skilled agents to using the right tools, simplifying ways to reach the customer support team, etc. One of the vital tools here is using the right customer care software to boost customer satisfaction.

Major Use Cases of an Inbound Call Center Solution

iCallify is one of the best inbound call center software solutions. It is rewarded as an award-winning solution to improve customer satisfaction. It helps businesses to define the right customer care strategies. This software also has advanced features that can back businesses to revolutionize their strategy to impress customers. Improving your customer care standards and strategy will leave your customers happier and more satisfied.

We can help you define and improve your strategy with this best software to boost client satisfaction. We also provide a lifetime free edition of this best inbound contact center solution with all its amazing features. To know more and book your free edition.

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