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Major KPIs to Measure for Your Call Center

  • August 3, 2022

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help in defining values of different success metrics to explore whether your campaigns work smoothly or not. Different call center solutions show different key performance indicators to businesses. Depending on the nature of the business, different KPIs are measured. There are some KPIs that can be measured by all call centers regardless of inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns.

1. Average call abandoned rate

This measure can be mapped in the reports section of call center software. It displays the total number of calls that were abandoned by the customers before the agents can connect to these customers. A high call abandoned rate showcases that your call queues are quite long or you don’t have enough agents to handle these calls whether these care incoming calls are attended by a smart IVR solution or if it is a call assigned by a sales dialer solution.

2. Average time in queue

It shows the average time that your customers are spending in the call queue. A long call queue indicates that either your agents are taking too long in completing their ongoing call or you have a scarcity of agents. 

3. Average call hold time

It shows the total time spent by customers on the call after connecting to an agent. Some call center solutions also show the hold time spent by clients in the call queue, plus, on hold during a call. If your customers are put on hold for a long time, then it is likely to increase frustration among customers. 

4. First call resolution (FCR)


fIrst call resolution

It is another important key performance indicator shown in the call center software. It indicates how many customers received resolution of their concerns and queries on the first call. If a business uses an omnichannel contact center solution, then FCR stands for first contact resolution. Many people consider that FCR can be calculated only in customer care centers. But, the fact is, it can be used in sales campaigns as well to identify how many customers got sold within the first contact.

5. Average call handling time

This shows the average time spent by an agent handling customer care or sales calls. The average call handling time includes the time from the first second the customer is connected with the agent till the time agent completes the call, finishes up his or her administrator or disposition job, and shows readiness to take the next call. The average call handling time can show the efficiency and productivity of agents in the business.

Concluding notes

These five major KPIs can be measured by any business to evaluate the performance of existing campaigns, agents, and even the software for call centers they use. There are multiple other KPIs that one can measure in the reports section of the omnichannel call center solution to evaluate and grow the overall performance.

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