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Major Use Cases of an Inbound Call Center Solution

  • July 7, 2022

The call center software providers have developed different types of call center solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses and companies. The thought of providing more personalized software instead of one fit for all helps businesses to maximize their ROI (Returns over Investment) from this software. An inbound call center solution is a theme or need-based solution made available for businesses that have more inbound campaigns to handle than outbound or blended campaigns.

There are multiple companies that heavily focus on inbound campaigns, but they are unaware of the fact that they need this solution. In this article, we will share the major use cases of an inbound contact center software solution. This will help you identify if this is the right call center software for you or not.

Major use cases of an Inbound Contact Center Software Solution

1. Customer care

An inbound call center software solution is also known as customer care software because it provides an array of features to handle incoming customer calls. Any post-sales support or customer concern resolution can be provided using this software in the most effective manner. In fact, this is the most common and widely adopted use case of this type of contact center solution.

2. Inbound lead management 

Many companies invest a lot in digital marketing and other channels to generate leads. The leads trying to connect with a sales rep via inbound calls can be handled using an inbound call center solution. This can make lead management more efficient with its features like lead grouping, automated callback scheduling for follow-up, use of unified communication to connect via different channels for different types of conversations, etc.

3. Taking orders

Many foods, beverages, eCommerce, and utility companies allow users to place their orders by calling a toll-free or normal phone number. Using an inbound contact center solution can make this job easier as the calls will be equally distributed with an automatic call distributor or connected with the most skilled agent with skill-based call routing. It will also make tracking easier with its reports, self-serving IVR, and similar features.

4. Making bookings

Similar to taking orders, the companies that offer cab, train, or bus booking or multiplex cinemas that offer movie ticket booking, museum ticket booking, etc. can use an inbound call center software solution to simplify the job. In fact, the dynamic IVR solution integrated within the call center software is enough to make bookings without adding any human staff.

Concluding notes

In a nutshell, even if this software for call centers is most widely used as a customer care software solution, it is worth using in multiple other areas. It can help in improving the key performance indicators related to customer satisfaction, team productivity, etc. It has multiple other use cases other than these top utilities of the inbound contact center software.

iCallify has an award-winning inbound call center solution that can meet your business needs and help you elevate the bar of your services.

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