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Automatic Call Distribution Software Solution & Its Importance

  • July 20, 2023

The fundamental need for communication for any business is generally satisfied by any telephony tool, even traditional telecommunication. However, when the number of calls to be handled is high, a business needs a more advanced and affordable system in place. Call center solutions can be used to handle these calls and manage business communication, but all businesses might not need a full fledged contact center solution for business call handling. They would just need advanced features to manage incoming calls. In this case, the automatic call distribution software would be an effective, affordable, and efficacious solution.

In this blog post, we will explore more about this system and learn why it is so important in any business.

What Is an Automatic Call Distribution Software?

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is an automated telephony solution developed with VoIP custom development experts. This solution helps automate the process of attending calls, greeting customers, and routing calls to skilled agents.

An ACD is different from IVR in a way that along with automatically attending calls, it will also route calls through different call routing strategies. Additionally, the ACD software will also have CTI features such as call mute and un-mute, call hold and retrieve, call transfer, call forwarding, call recording, and more. Even the best ACD software provider can also integrate advanced features into the software such as speech to text, conversational AI, and more.

What Is The Benefits Of An ACD Software?

Importance of ACD Solution

This communication solution can be used in any business and there are several advantages of using this software. In fact, there are multiple reasons to use this solution and we will discuss the top ones in this article.

1. To Handle Calls Professionally and Immediately

Customer experience is vital for business success, and ACD vs. Auto Dialer: Everything You Need to Know explores how ACD enhances call management, ensures 24/7 availability, and enables professional handling of all calls, including dropped, missed, and abandoned ones. Additionally, ACD and auto dialer systems empower supervisors and managers to monitor, provide guidance to agents, and step in when needed for complex situations.

2. To Improve Customer Experience

One excellent benefit of this software is improving customer experience by connecting the client with the right agent. This system will ensure that it uses the best automatic call routing strategy and connects the caller with an agent that has the skill, experience, availability, etc. to deliver a satisfactory response.

3. To Better Manage the Workforce

The automatic call distribution software can also be used to help in managing the workforce with its advanced features. It has some automated call distribution rules that will assign equal work opportunities to all agents, so they receive enough calls to handle. It would also assist in analyzing peak hours, slow hours, etc., enabling the assignment of different jobs to various team members based on that. If your company works in multiple shifts, then this system can also help in shuffling team members as per the requirement of business and call volume.

4. To Increase Performance and Productivity

The ACD software will ensure that agents evenly distribute calls, attending to them professionally. It will also have different call routing rules depending on the ACD software provider that offers this software. Each routing rule will include custom features to ensure that agents can deliver their best potential. Thus, this system helps in boosting the performance and productivity of each agent.

5. To Reduce Expenses

Similar to a contact center solution, using this system is a onetime investment to get the system. You can also choose to use an open source solution. Most automated call distribution solutions rely on the use of SIP trunking solution. It reduces telephony costs by up to 50%. Additionally, it will help in reducing expenses in manpower by boosting agent productivity. This is a software platform and it will require less maintenance cost compared to traditional telephony systems. All this and several other aspects of using this software will make sure it reduces expenses on an ongoing basis.

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6. To Make Data Driven Decisions

Similar to different call center solutions, this system provides a wide range of reports. You can even add some of the advanced and customized reports to the software. These reports will provide custom data about different business aspects. This helps management to take data driven decisions to improve business processes, enhance customer experience, increase cross selling opportunities, augmented resource utilization, and more.

7. Customized Call Handling

ACD software allows businesses to set up rules for call handling. You can prioritize calls based on customer type or issue urgency. This customization ensures that we address high-priority calls promptly, contributing to improved customer satisfaction.

8. Enhanced Efficiency

ACD software automates call routing and distribution, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This efficiency leads to a smoother workflow, reduced idle time for agents, and improved overall productivity. Agents can focus on resolving customer issues rather than managing call routing.

Concluding Notes

In conclusion, the provider of an automatic call distribution system will integrate different automatic call routing strategies in the software. iCallify offers the best automatic call distribution solution for business communication and collaboration. The provider will also add communication features for internal and external communication.

Automatic Call Distribution software is a game-changer in the world of customer service and call management. Its benefits include improved customer service, increased efficiency, reduced call abandonment, customized call handling, detailed reporting, scalability, geographic flexibility, and integration with other tools. By implementing ACD software, businesses can enhance their customer interactions, streamline operations, and ultimately achieve better results in today’s competitive marketplace.

We provide feature-rich automatic call distribution software that can enhance business models and boost revenue. We can provide customized features in this software. To book a demo of this solution, please connect with us.

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