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Must Measure KPIs in Outbound Call Center Software

  • August 2, 2023

Generally, call centers are considered as customer care centers that attend inbound calls from customers and resolve their concerns. This has been one of the biggest job areas of BPOs and call centers that offer this service.

However, modern call centers are not limited to handling inbound calls, they manage outbound calls for collection, survey, feedback, lead generation, and several other aspects. The outbound call center software empowers call centers to run different outbound campaigns. 

While running call center campaigns, it is necessary to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns by monitoring major KPIs. This blog is going to share must measure KPIs if you are using an outbound call center solution and running outgoing campaigns. 

If you are interested in measuring general KPIs that each call center must measure, then our blog post on this topic is here. 

So let’s explore the major KPIs that all call centers using an outbound dialer software solution must measure. 

Top 7 KPI's in an Outbound Call Center Solution1. Contact rate 

It shows the number of leads that actually got connected and responded to your call compared to the total number of lead contacts you have. It shows the effectiveness of the contact list you have.

For example, if your call center has 300 contacts, but only 60 attended the call, then your contact rate is 20%. 

2. Agent wait time 

A majority of call centers invest in the best outbound call center solution, so it can maximize agent productivity. In an outbound call center, an agent can achieve maximum productivity only if the agent’s wait time can be reduced. The best auto dialers help in reducing this wait time. If the wait time is high, then you need to use another dialer. 

In simple words, agent wait time is the idle time of an agent after completing a call before receiving the next call to attend. 

3. Agent occupancy rate 

This is another important KPI measured by the call center that helps in defining and improving agent productivity and performance. The agent occupancy rate is calculated by calculating the time spent by agents over call, this includes talk time and hold time. 

This KPI also helps in staffing and resource utilization based on the call volume and performance of agents. 

4. Conversion rate 

This KPI is measured in lead generation campaigns by the outbound call center software. This KPI measures the number of leads that actually show interest in moving to the next stage compared to the number of leads that are contacted by agents.

So if 10 customers show interest in answering a survey or buying a product out of 100 prospective customers contacted by the call center, then the conversion rate is 10%. It is a must measure KPI to check the effectiveness of outbound campaigns even if it is not a lead generation campaign. 

5. Average hold time 

This KPI measures the average time a customer is put on hold while the agent is looking for the information or still attending the previous call or completing after call work. Increased value of average hold time shows inefficient use of outbound dialer software or lack of skills in the agents.

Using solutions like integration of CRM into your call center solution, training agents, and using the right auto dialer instead of any random auto dialing system can help in reducing average hold time. 

6. Average talk time 

This is the actual time an agent spends on the call discussing the matter with the customer. This metric helps in evaluating the productive hours of agents because as much time agents spend on calls as much productivity they can achieve.

The caveat here is if the average talk time value is too big compared to the number of calls connected to customers, then your agents might be wasting time and other resources. This can also frustrate customers for wasting their time. Thus, it is necessary to measure average talk time closely. 

7. After call work 

This is another very important KPI measured in a call center solution. After completion of the ongoing call, the agent has to complete some administrative work which differs from call center to call center. Though this work is important, too much time spent in it can result in less productive output and it also indicates too much manual work, which needs automation with the right system. 

Concluding notes 

Measuring KPIs and constantly working to improve them using the right auto dialing system is helpful to call centers that focus on running outbound campaigns. The top 7 must measure KPIs that any outbound call center must measure are shared in this article and make sure your software is measuring these KPIs. 

If you don’t have the best outbound call center software that offers the best features and reports with all vital KPIs, then iCallify is the solution you are looking for. Contact us to book a lifetime free trial of this software. 

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