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How to Setup a Multi-Tenant Contact Center?

  • January 12, 2023

Contact centers use the best call center software to manage customer experience. As the need for call centers increases, the features, and facilities associated with this software increase, too. From a white label call center solution to Multi-Tenant Contact Center Software, there are so many fascinating innovations made in this industry. Technology has made things straightforward for businesses to adopt even the most complicated infrastructure or setup of this software with simple GUI based steps. As the popularity of multi tenant call centers has increased in the recent past, in this blog post, we will cover how you can set it up from a business point of view. We will also share some technical steps to enable multi tenancy.

What is a multi tenant contact center?

It is a standard call center solution with tenant support. It can have varied features depending on the call center software provider. The main difference in this type of the software is tenant support, which means an admin can create sub-accounts. Each sub-account can have varied access to features of the software depending on the features granted by the admin. It can also have a call center billing solution to make billing and invoicing easier for all tenants.Get Started with iCallify

How to set up a multi tenant call center?

You can set up a multi tenant call center by taking the help of a voip call center software provider. With the right multi tenant contact center software, you can easily set up and run a multi tenant contact center. There are two ways of setting up a multi tenant call center:

Everything you need to know about Multi-tenant Call Center

Business perspective

Follow the below mentioned steps to set up your business with multi tenancy:

  • Get the right software with tenant support for your business. You can look for third party or open source options. Third party options are more reliable in the case of using a Multi-Tenant Contact Center Solution because businesses often invest in making more robust software. This is a necessity when you want to use a multi tenant system.
  • You need to define the billing models to map customers with the relevant model. You can use call center billing integration to add a billing module or solution in your software if it already does not have the billing.
  • You need to define the team and roles to handle multi tenant operations like sales, support, customer care, and more.

Once everything is defined as per the prerequisites, with the right technical setup of the software along with call center billing integration, you will be able to have your system ready to use.

Technical perspective

Follow the below mentioned steps to set up your call center from a technical perspective.

  • First of all you need to set up and install a multi tenant call center solution. If you are using an open source solution, you can follow the script and steps to install the software. If you are using a third party solution, the provider will install the software for you.
  • Once the call center software is installed, you can set up multi tenancy simply using the GUI panel. You can find the option to enable multi tenancy from the settings menu of the software available in the admin panel. Once you enable this option, you will be able to create the tenant.
  • You will see an option to create and manage tenants in a voip call center solution. By clicking on the create tenant option and following the prompts in the system, you can easily add a new tenant.
  • Mapping that tenant with the right billing module in the call center billing solution is necessary to automate invoicing and billing of that client.

The rest of the things will be handled by the software itself. If you have bought a third party multi tenant call center solution, you will receive training from your provider along with documentation. That will help you make the required changes in tenant accounts from GUI.

To set up a multi tenant solution on the cloud or server, you can create a cluster setup of the software. A multi tenant system will have several customers and a massive call volume. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the system up with high uptime SLA. The cluster model can help in achieving the same.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, with technological inventions, the best call center software, and GUI panels, it is easier to manage the software, tenant support, and other business aspects. With the right cloud call center software and technical knowledge or support, things will be quite easy for you. You can always use help from a company that has been best offering this service or the software to meet technical or business needs related to setting up a multi tenant business.

We have been offering Multi-Tenant Contact Center Software with a billing module and several other amazing features. We also provide a white label call center solution. You can connect with us to know more about the software and how we can help you set up your business with multi tenant software and setup.

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