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Which Billing Scheme Should I Employ for My Call Center?

  • January 6, 2023

Running a business using a multi tenant call center solution may sound easy. In fact, it is easy if you have the right software on hand and the right partner to support you. But, you are the one who has to do all the brainstorming for your business and make it profit making. One of the vital aspects that a business owner needs to consider while running a business using a white label solution is configuring Call Center Billing Scheme.

There are so many permutations and combinations possible to make that you can have quite attractive or intricate call center billing. To help you successfully employ your billing using the best call center billing software, here are some key components to play with.

A Complete Guide: Call Center Billing Solution

  • Free vs. agent seat based 

Of course, you want to make money from your call center software, but people prefer a free trial or free call center solution edition. At least to get them onboard, you must offer a free call center solution edition for some days or weeks. Moreover, you can create multiple billing plans based on agent seats. That means for x number of agent seats, you can charge x amount. Depending on the cost set by competitors, you can set your billing schemes and rates.

  • Charge per call / concurrent call setting 

The billing models can also be configured based on concurrent calls supported in a call center. Usually, the best call center billing solution supports LCR (Least Cost Routing) as well to charge clients based on call routing models to implement charge per call models.

  • White label vs. non-branded call center solution 

You can also offer a white label contact center solution and employ it in your call center billing scheme and increase revenue. A white label and multi tenant call center solution can help in generating more revenue and thus, must be employed in your billing scheme.

  • Payment models

To attract customers and fix the revenue for your business, you can also offer a certain discount if a business chooses to use your software for a certain period. For example, if a business pays for using the call center software for three or six months and pays the whole fee in advance, then you can give a certain discount.

  • Add-ons

You can also employ an add-on along with a call center solution in your billing scheme to increase revenue even further.


The right call center billing scheme would play around with different elements without making pricing models too difficult to decode. The major elements to include are mentioned in this blog post.

The best call center billing solution will help you create rate cards with all these and multiple other elements to automate the billing process. We offer the best multi tenant call center solution along with world class call center billing software. We also have flexible pricing and flexible billing models for this software, which can help you take inspiration, while you are defining your own call center billing scheme.

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