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Must Use White Label Call Center Platform with iCallify to Scale Your Revenue 

  • January 2, 2023

White Label Call Center Platform have opened several doors of revenue generation for businesses. From UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) models to call center services, there are so many business opportunities generated by the top call center solutions. White label call center software is in the front row of contact center products that support a straight business model to generate mounting revenue channels.

What is a white label call center solution?

white label call center solution

A contact center solution with your business branding is called a white label contact center solution. All the features of the software would be the same as you have seen while discussing the purchase of the software with no change in functionality. The only change you would see is in the branding of the software. Your call center software provider will offer customization of theme and skin to match it with your business brand.

By putting your business brand on the software such as your own product name, company name, logo, etc., you can use this software for call centers to offer call center services under your business brand.

Traditionally, businesses used to use a white label call center solution with SaaS (Software as a Service) model to generate revenue. However, now in the 21st century, there are several innovative options available to launch a revenue generating channel.

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iCallify as a white label call center software

white label call center software

iCallify is regarded as one of the leading and award winning call center solutions in the global platform. It offers inbound, blended, and outbound calling facilities within a single platform. Moreover, you can also get a single stream system such as inbound call center software.

iCallify is also a popular intelligent contact center solution. It uses predictive technology and smart algorithms to provide various automation and performance optimization features to the users of this software for call centers. This further gives a competitive edge to the businesses that use it for their own business or to run a business to generate revenue and make a profit.

In addition to its amazing and competitive features, which are upgraded at regular intervals, iCallify is also a multi tenant call center solution. That means it supports n-level tenant creation, which can help businesses run their SaaS or any other model based call center services seamlessly and straightforwardly. Creating software instances for tenants and offering them diversified services is made quite a cakewalk for call center service providers by developers of this contact center software.

iCallify also has call center billing integration to provide a reliable call center billing solution within this call center software. It supports both prepaid and postpaid billing for call center services. It also supports system level billing configuration to give more flexibility in billing clients. Moreover, it supports call plans, charging customers per call, rate cards, invoice receipts, and other features.

iCallify not just offers a contact center solution, but also offers a range of unified communication solutions to benefit businesses that want to use it for revenue generation. Along with the best call center software, it has an array of unified communication solutions that are listed below:

The call center software provider of iCallify offers white label contact center software. That means you can use all the advanced features and solutions of this software to run your business, impress your customers, generate revenue, and build a brand that everyone loves in your industry.

How to scale your revenue with iCallify, a white label contact center solution?

iCallify, a white label contact center solution

Whether you are a call center service provider, call center software provider, or running any other business, you can launch your own call center business using iCallify and its white label offerings for the call center industry.

All you need to do is follow the below mentioned three steps and you are done.

  • Choose the software

As mentioned earlier, iCallify is not yet another call center software solution. It is an award winning solution with some amazing features, functionalities, and offerings. Choose software such as multi tenant inbound call center software to get started with.

  • Get a white label system

Discuss pricing and get your white label contact center software hosted on your server or cloud. You can also get a call center billing solution configured for your business model to automate billing and avoid additional investment in call center billing integration.

  • Launch your business

Launch your business and market it to start generating revenue.

Yes, it is as easy as it is explained in these three steps.


The call center industry is vast and there are several revenue generating opportunities to encash with the right multi tenant call center solution and white labeling.

iCallify is an intelligent contact center solution with white labeling and a host of call center products to offer to scale your business and revenue model.

To get further guidance and white label call center software.

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