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Call Center Software White Labeling: Is It Worth an Investment? 

  • December 17, 2022

You must be familiar with the concept of white labeling even without knowing what exactly it is. Not only this term, but white label solutions are so widespread that they are adopted in more than 70% of countries across the globe. This concept of Call Center Software White Labeling has opened new doors of business and revenue generation for entrepreneurs. It not only benefits entrepreneurs, but it also benefits customers by getting the cost of the software and that is why, the cost of service is down. In a nutshell, white label solutions create a real win win situation for businesses and consumers. This new technology invention has been empowering entrepreneurs with amazing technology trends and software without wasting their time, money, and other resources. Several software and tools are available for white labeling and a white label call center solution are one of them.

As mentioned earlier, from an open source solution in any technology industry to a proprietary system can be white labeled. Likewise, in the call center industry, you have several options for using call center software white labeling, from open source VoIP solutions for call centers to a proprietary intelligent contact center solution that can be white labeled.

If you are pulling your head or opening multiple browser tabs to surf the concept and technical terms related to white labeling for a call center dialer solution, fret not. This blog post is going to cover this interesting concept of white label contact center software.

Topics covered in this blog post are as below:

  1. What is a white label solution?
  2. What is a white label contact center solution?
  3. What are the features of a white label solution for call centers?
  4. What are the advantages of a white label solution?
  5. What are the disadvantages of this solution?
  6. Is it worth an investment?
  7. Concluding notes

All these questions are answered in this blog post to give you a complete insight into this buzzing topic in the call center industry.

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1.  What is a white label solution?

white label solution

In a single line, it is the phenomenon of rebranding a solution developed by a development company. It means the software solution, application or tool gets developed by a development company. The business that wants to use this software pays additional to the cost of software licenses and usage to rebrand and repackage the software. This is called white labeling. Here the solution can be as small and simple as a landing page or as big, technical, and complicated as a class 4 Softswitch solution.

2.  What is a white label contact center solution?

white label contact center solution

The concept of white labeling also applies to contact center solutions. When a VoIP development company develops call center software and this software is rebranded and repackaged for the client that wants to use a white label solution, it is called a white label call center solution. The company that uses the white label solution uses this software with the identity and brand elements of the owned business, which include the following:

  • Name of the software
  • Logo of the software
  • Software skin and color
  • Copyright Statement
  • Login screen and other screens powered by statements
  • Privacy policy
  • And more

All these will be as per the company that uses the white label solution for its call center. This software will represent your brand to its users, which can be your clients or agents. This will help in building your brand image and showcase this software as your own software for call centers.

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3.  What are the features of a white label solution for call centers?

features of a white label solution for call centers

Call center software white labeling is one of the concepts and not an exclusive type of call center solution with unique features. The white label solution for call centers will have common or futuristic features depending on the software provider and type of software.

You can find different types of call center solutions in the industry such as:

  • Helpdesk call center software
  • Inbound call center solution
  • Outbound call center solution
  • Blended call center solution
  • Cloud based call center solution
  • Omnichannel contact center solution
  • And more

Depending on the type of software you buy or use as a hosted system, you will get the features in your white label solution. The only difference in a white label system is it will have complete rebranding to represent your brand and present the software as your own system.

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4.  What are the advantages of a white label solution?

Advantages of a white label solution

There are several advantages to using this type of call center software. Let’s explore the top benefits of using a white label contact center solution.

a) Ready to use solution

The major and most prominent advantage of using this system is that it is ready to use. Building a call center solution is a tedious and time consuming process. The whole comprehensive software building for call centers can take several months and several resources because it is not just a website or landing page. It is a complicated system with so many features and add-ons. To leverage the competitive edge, you may need to add value added functionalities and features, which demand investment in research. Moreover, developing a multi tenant contact center software solution is even more time consuming. Unlike all these, white label providers often offer a ready to use solution. They rebrand the system for you and deploy it for you within a few days or weeks. This can save a lot of time. In business, as we all know time is money and a white label system can save a lot of valuable time and even other resources.

b) No hassle related to technicalities

The contact center solutions are technically built software systems. Therefore, there are several technical aspects involved, not only in the development of the software, but also in multiple other aspects. Some of the major aspects are listed below:

  • Selection of technologies and framework for development
  • Deployment structure
  • Failover model
  • Scalability plan
  • Software advancement roadmap
  • And more

All of these will be handled by your provider and you can just sit back and relax. You can simply use the most advanced inbound call center solution with white labeling or any other system that you have selected for your business. Even once the software gets developed, there can be a system or technology upgrades, but still, you have nothing to be bothered about. All the technical aspects will be handled by your provider. You may need to pay additional for the future technical services offered by your provider, but you are free from the hassle. Keep your complete concentration on your business and its expansion.

c) Cost effective

To be honest and transparent, the cost of the white label contact center software will be higher than a cloud based call center solution or licensed solution. However, it is still effective for businesses that have a specific vision and reason to use this software. It is, in fact, cheaper than investing in developing the whole software that would have your own brand elements on it. Even buying the whole software from a company with source code, understanding that code by putting in the required technical resources and then white labeling the software is quite an expensive and time consuming option. In business, time is money and it is always necessary to think in terms of tangible and intangible expenses while counting the actual cost of the software.

d) Reduce time to market

As mentioned earlier, the call center dialer solution with a white labeling option will be available as an off the shelf solution. It means it is ready to use and depending on the availability and process of your software provider or development company, you can get an up and running solution within a day or a week. You will not need to wait any further. Some providers even keep instances ready on the cloud and after rebranding provide the system within a few hours. This will reduce your time to market dramatically down. Early hitting of the market can result in highly competitive benefits.

e) Availability of tailored solution

Even if you get a white label solution, you may want some customization along with rebranding. This will be made available by your provider with ease. You can give the list of customizations that you need to capture the target market with the vision you have.

f) Leverage brand advantages

One of the major reasons behind using white label contact center software is branding. You will be projecting your own business brand in front of your clients. You will be showing it is your own software and you have invested in technology. This also gives high competitive advantages over private labeling.

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5.  What are the disadvantages of this solution?

Disadvantages of a white label solution

Everything has pros and cons and white labeling is not an exception for sure. There are a few drawbacks of using this type of software for call centers, which are briefly explained hereunder.

a) Expensive implementation

Even if it is cheaper than the development cost, white labeling a helpdesk call center software or any other type of system, it can be expensive as you need to pay extra and hefty for white labeling. Thus, it is not the right solution for small brands that really don’t have real gains from white labeling the system.

b) Low control

Even if you get your own brand identity on your white labeled solution, you don’t get any control over technical decisions. Some providers let you voice out your opinions about technology, a roadmap of the software, added features, etc. However, you might not get the authority to make the final decisions related to the software and technical aspects. You can still get the technical changes if you want by paying extra costs related to the same. However, this liberty may or may not be given to you by your provider. Thus, it is worth asking before buying a solution.

c) Risk on brand

The reliability of the solution has to be double checked because it is your brand that goes out in front of clients. Any silly mistake or blunder will spoil your reputation and damage your brand. As you are not directly or indirectly involved in the development process or technical decisions, you are risking your brand by using a white label solution. This can be a huge disadvantage of using this software if there are some issues with the software.

6.  Is it worth an investment?

Worth an investment in white label contact center software

Using a white label solution, whether it is an omnichannel contact center solution or just an outbound call center solution, is a strategic business decision. It is definitely not worth it for small brands of call centers that are going to use this software simply to run their own call center operations.

On the other hand, it is worth using for businesses that have a business plan for revenue generation in mind. For example, some businesses use multi tenant contact center software to run their business and generate revenue. Using a white label solution is a must for this type of business to gain competitive advantages and not expose the technical partner to other competitors or customers.

7.  Conclusion

In conclusion, white labeling has several advantages over drawbacks it draws in. However, it is not the right solution for everyone. It is built to benefit certain specific types of businesses. It has a strategic role in the launch, expansion, and growth of several call center giants. This blog post has covered all small to big aspects related to using a white label solution for call centers. This would definitely show you the pathway to take your business on the right path.

If you are interested in using a white label call center solution, we can be your technical partner. We not only have the best and intelligent contact center solution, but we also have several other offers to make for businesses like yours.

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