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Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS): A Complete Guide

  • October 1, 2022

The call center software industry is huge and there are several jargons revolving around this industry. Moreover, new inventions brought up by the top call center software providers introduce more jargon. One popular key term buzzing nowadays is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). Many businesses mention that it is a cloud based call center solution. But, is it what defines this popular solution?

Let’s delve deeper into it in this article.

What is CCaaS?

It is a short form of Contact Center as a Service. It inherits the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. It lets businesses use a feature rich and powerful omnichannel contact center solution. Businesses that use contact center as a service does not need to invest in anything other than call center technology. IT infrastructure, hardware, hosting, technical support, etc. get handled by the provider instead of the business using this software.

It is a cloud call center solution because it provides remote access to the call center technology to its users. Moreover, it will blend all communication channels into a single call center solution to provide a holistic system. Businesses can use the following communication channels to provide customer services using this contact center software:

cloud call center solution

It can be used to define a personalized customer journey and improve the work life balance of agents as well. This is the reason the CCaaS concept has gained so much popularity.

In fact, one of the results shared by Gartner mentions that by 2024, the revenue of contact centers will touch the mark of 15.4 billion US dollars. This research has shared that the use of cloud call center solutions will increase and on-premise contact center solutions would decrease by 2024.

Major advantages of the contact center as a service for businesses:

As now you understand the concept of CCaaS, let’s delve deeper to explore the top benefits of using this type of contact center software in a business. These benefits are the driving factors behind the popularity of this system.

1. Low upfront investment

The first and foremost advantage of using a cloud based call center solution, which is availed with a contact center as a service model, is saving upfront money. If any business thinks of using the best call center software and hosts it on cloud storage, it demands a huge capital investment. One needs to buy an omnichannel call center solution, relevant hardware, cloud space, etc. One may also need to put an IT professional to maintain the software and its infrastructure.

On the other hand, with the CCaaS model, businesses only invest in call center technology and nothing more than that. This works as a boon for them. All technical aspects and related costs will be managed by the software provider. On the other hand, the business gets access to the most reliable, feature rich, and scalable solution.

2. Deliver a jaw dropping customer experience

customer experience

Any business uses call center software or any other tool to deliver a satisfactory customer experience to its clients. Buying a cloud call center solution with an omnichannel communication system becomes necessary for this type of business, but it often comes with some challenges for non-technical or non-VoIP companies.

Using a contact center as a service, a business can gain access to the most powerful, omnichannel contact center solution. It empowers businesses to cater to customer demands and respond to clients across all touchpoints and via the customers’ favorite channel. The first battle is won here by letting them use their preferred mode of communication.

3. Centralized customer care operations

Believe it or not, customers use more than one communication channel to seek customer support. Even if you do not use an omnichannel solution, they will leave a Facebook comment, tweet, or SMS. Thus, your agents will have to respond to these messages to answer clients and manage a positive brand image.

The contact center as a service provides a full fledged omnichannel call center solution, which will log all interactions with clients within a single system. This can provide a more detailed view of the client interaction to agents, so they can better and faster serve the clients. First call resolution can be increased dramatically by this system.

4. Zero to minimal downtime of the system

In a customer care business, it is necessary to keep the system highly available. According to the statistical results, cloud call center solutions can increase the availability of the software up to 99.99%. It means there will not be any downtime to hamper your customer care campaigns.

5. Excellent features with no technical hassle

no issue

This is the biggest advantage of using a contact center as a service. It will give access to the best call center software from one of the top call center software providers. You will be able to use any and all features you need to run your business. Usually, these solutions support inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. This will give a single platform with multifaceted features to empower your customer care campaigns, teams and increase returns.

The best thing about using the CCaaS model is all you invest in is the technology. Thus, you don’t need to worry about scalability, associated hardware, or anything other than using this software in your favor. This helps businesses overpower several challenges and concentrate on their core goals to boost ROI.


The call center industry is one of the most innovative and creative industries. The demand for contact center solutions is increasing in all businesses. To make it possible for these businesses to adopt this powerful technology for the betterment and advancement of their business, call center companies come up with premium and flexible pricing models. CCaaS is one of the most flexible models introduced by these companies to give access to the cloud based call center solution with omnichannel communication and advanced feature support.

If you are interested in using CCaaS for your business or company.

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