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Why Is Facebook Necessary for Your Call Center?

  • August 18, 2022

More than 200 million businesses use Facebook for business and out of them 90% of businesses are active on this social networking platform to run their marketing and advertising campaigns. But, there are still some businesses that keep on evaluating the real need of having a Facebook business page and using it in their customer care center. This has increased the need for a digital engagement solution.

More than 2.93 billion users use Facebook for different reasons and this number definitely includes more than 80% of your target audience whether you are a B2B or a B2C business. Thus, having a business page is a must. For a call center, not only having a Facebook business page, but using call center Facebook integration is equally important.

What is call center Facebook integration?

The contact center software provider will integrate APIs of Facebook into your call center software to provide you with a flexible digital engagement solution that will let you access the major feature of the Facebook business page within the software for call centers

Why should a call center use Facebook and integration of Facebook and a contact center solution?

1. Your audience is on Facebook

The advantage of being active on Facebook for a call center is that the audience is there. A majority of call centers run call centers to increase sales with lead generation, to study audiences for report creation on market surveys, or to provide the best customer experience. Facebook being one of the majorly used digital engagement solutions cannot be ignored by businesses like call centers. To target and capture the audience, this type of business has to be active on Facebook and the integration of a contact center solution will streamline the processes and save resources.

2. You need to maintain positive brand value

The software is used only when a customer calls and asks for a resolution. But, there are many customers that do not spare time on calling and simply go and write negative feedback or comment on the Facebook page of the business. These customers have to be handled to maintain a positive brand value to retain and gain new clients. Being proactive on Facebook to provide proactive support to this type of client can help you maintain a positive brand value.

3. You need to grab warm leads

Facebook is a great platform to run marketing campaigns as there is a huge population that actively uses this platform. If you have invested in Facebook call center integration, whenever someone sends a direct message on your page, it will pop up in your software for call centers. This will help in instantly capturing warm leads and increasing sales.

Concluding notes

Facebook is one of the majorly used digital platforms, which is why focusing on business exposure and positioning a business as a positive and people’s brand is necessary. The digital engagement solution that incorporates Facebook into the contact center solution can help in streamlining this job and making it more seamless.

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