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Omnichannel Contact Center: Best Practices to Deliver Exceptional CX

  • June 3, 2023

Customer experience is a major driving factor to keep business profitable. It is not that difficult to meet customer demands and keep them happy by using the right tools and strategy. An omni channel call center solution designed by the top companies has amazing features, which make this difficult looking job of pleasing customers easier. A contact center that uses an omni channel approach and strategy can deliver exceptional customer experience. 

Often businesses fail to use the complete potential of this software resulting in frustrated and confused customers, overwhelmed agents, and aggravated management. This happens because businesses fail to use tools, technology, and team strategically. 

To make the right use of an omni channel contact center solution and how it can be used to delight clients.

Our tips on the best practices to follow to deliver exceptional CX (Customer Experience).

1. Understand your strength

Different call centers usually have different strengths and weaknesses. While it is necessary to work on weaknesses to overcome hurdles, what is more important is to take complete advantage of your strengths. Identify whether your team is strong in handling phone calls or social media and delegate jobs and divert traffic accordingly. This is just one example, there can be multiple areas in which your call center and team can have strength and you can focus more on that to win more clients.

2. Identify customer demands

In general, customers demand personalized services, quick answers, omni channel support, and first contact resolution. These are common demands of customers. They also prefer that the customer support team have knowledge of products and solutions for which they are offering customer support. Your customers may demand something more than this or something different than this. You must manually collect feedback from your clients, or you can also run an automated campaign to collect feedback. You can use your omni channel contact center software to run a manual or automated campaign to explore more about demand and expectations of your clients.

3. Use omnichannel sparingly

An omni channel call center software solution will support all communication channels, including, traditional channels like phone calls, email, SMS, etc. Moreover, it will include digital communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using all of these communication channels can be beneficial, but it is not necessary to get all over the place. Use your omni channel software to deliver to all customers across all touchpoints but use them as a powerful tool and not as a commodity. You must have expert agents to serve on each communication channel that you choose to provide support on. You must train your agents to be more professional and provide a universal experience to customers. 

Your omni channel call center solution must provide access to all interactions of a customer with your call center across different communication channels. This will give a better view of customers’ past history and provide more personalized and faster responses.

4. Leverage automation

Modern day call center solutions support heavy automation. From automatically attending calls to making outbound calls automatically, spreading a voice message out, sending a WhatsApp broadcast, so on and so forth. There are so many areas that are augmented by call center automation technology. You must implement these automation features in your call center to enhance customer experience. It will help you provide faster and better services, plus, you can also achieve first contact resolution (FCR) with these features. Reduced call hold time and faster response will definitely delight your clients.

5. Encourage self serving options

Self serving features are part of call center automation, but the agenda to write them separately in the best practice section is to project their importance. An omni channel contact center solution can have multiple self serving options such as an interactive voice response (IVR) system integrated into the software. You can also add more options to increase self serving features. For example, you can add a chatbot into the messenger or WhatsApp bot for WhatsApp support. 

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

These self serving options can add autonomous customer care. There are several clients that prefer this kind of support because it saves them time, and they also don’t need to be formal with an agent or stay on hold while the agent looks for certain information. Thus, self serving options must be in your software and you must take advantage of these features. However, do not overuse these features and let your clients reach out to your agents, as and when they are interested.

6. Take a deep look at analytics

The beauty of tools like an omni channel call center software solution is the actionable insight they provide in the form of reports and live statistics. This data produced by the call center analytics give some really important information such as: 

  • Which are the most popular communication channels?
  • Which communication channels deliver the best customer experience? 
  • What are the common concerns faced by clients? 
  • Which are the top performing agents? 
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
  • Which are the poorly performing campaigns? 

There are several other aspects that can be uncovered by these analytics and reports. Each call center must spend time reviewing this data and redefine the strategy to deliver excellent CX based on that.

7. Keep upgrading

Whether you think of your omni channel contact center software, your team, your infrastructure, or any other part, it is necessary to constantly upgrade. As and when a new version of your software is released, you should invest time in upgrading the software to ensure you get access to the most advanced tool to deliver exceptional customer experiences. You must also invest in upgrading the skills of your team. Likewise, all different factors should be upgraded regularly to enhance value. 

Concluding notes 

Customer experience is a vital factor to consider in growing and maintaining a steady stream of profit making. An omni channel call center solution can be your real pal in this journey to deliver exceptional CX. Along with using the best omnichannel solution, you must also invest in defining the right strategy and following the top best practices mentioned in this blog post. 

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