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How to Identify the Best Call Center solution with Billing?

  • May 31, 2023

The call center industry is blossoming with each passing moment because of the growing necessity of delivering exceptional customer experience and supporting your prospective customers to complete the sales cycle. All businesses have started setting up an in-house call center as provisioning a call center solution has become really easy and affordable nowadays. One of the most popular models to set up a customer care department with this solution is by using a rental solution from a hosted service provider. To cater to this huge market of businesses, which are ready to pay for call center software and technical support, a reliable call center with billing is required. 

In this blog post, we will explore more about this revenue-generating opportunity for serial entrepreneurs along with digging down to learn the best practices to identify the best call center with billing.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore each of these points in detail.

1.  What is a Call Center Solution with Billing?

We are all aware of the call center software, which is a complete communication system for any business. With its power-packed features, this software augments the complete customer journey and sales cycle and increases returns over investment (ROI) along with building a strong brand.

A call center system that has an integrated call center billing solution is known as a call center with the billing system. The billing system for this software will automate the process of keeping the accounts of each customer for their use and bill them for the same by adding their system usage and other charges.

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Having an integrated billing system in this solution avoids the need to invest in call center billing integration. The process of integrating the billing system in this solution would require not only additional investment of money but also time because you need to find the right billing software. This billing system must have all the features that you need to automate billing in your Contact center business. Furthermore, it has to be compatible with your software for call centers.

2.  Who can use a Call Center Solution with an Integrated Billing System?

The necessity of a call center billing system for call centers isn’t universal, as it doesn’t serve all contact center solution users. If your usage of such software revolves around customer care, sales, or inbound/outbound campaigns, then the inclusion of a billing system/module may be superfluous. Billing clients for customer care services is uncommon, as it’s typically seen as a value-added service to enhance client experiences and retain their loyalty.

Even in cases where charging clients for support services is standard practice, the discussed call center billing software may not be the appropriate solution for this purpose. It serves as a comprehensive solution explicitly tailored for businesses that use a call center system as a product offering.This means that if you provide a hosted call center solution or call center software as a service, then the integration of this billing solution with your contact center software becomes imperative

3.  How to Find the Best Call Center Software with Integrated Billing Solution?

Steps to Find The Best Call Center Software With Integrated Billing Solution

If you fall under the category of business owners who need the best call center with billing, then here are the recommendations and best practices to follow to find an ideal solution.

Contact Center Software has to be Multi tenant

  • A multi tenant call center solution provides a simplified way to run a call center service as software or call center solution as a product business because it has inbuilt functionality of creating tenant accounts. single tenant solution is likely to make everything quite complicated and manual. Thus, the first thing is your solution has to be multi tenant and if it is not, then it is time to get one to make your business more modernized and efficient.
  • As a contact center solution is the fundamental system to run business over, it is necessary to have the best solution before starting to look for a billing system for call center billing integration. In general, if you are going to buy a call center with a billing system, then it will be a multi tenant call center software solution.However, your provider still recommends checking

Call Center Billing Solution Must Support Prepaid and Postpaid Accounts

  • In any VoIP telephony business or even in the telecommunication business, prepaid and postpaid customers exist.Therefore, it is always a good idea to cater to both of these customer types with your solution and services. Thus, your billing system will also need to have clear provisioning for prepaid and postpaid customers.

The Billing System Must Bill Clients Based on Variable Criteria

The postpaid and prepaid account is a static criterion to bill clients in this industry. You would have some specific software usage charges and some fixed costs depending on the package selected by your customers. Along with that, a business owner may have different criteria to bill clients such as:

Agent Seats:
  • When billing your clients, this major factor determines the capacity of the software and other resources to be used. Thus, you can bill your clients depending on the number of agent seats they intend to use. This number can be completely dynamic, or you may have slots such as a minimum of 5 agent seats and the maximum number is unlimited. You can have further packages for 15, 50, 100 seats, etc. The billing system must have features to bill clients based on is criterion.
Concurrent Lines:
  • The call center billing software must also bill clients based on the number of concurrent lines they use. The number of agent seats can differ from this number, so avoid getting them confused or mixing them up with each other.
Feature Access:
  • You must have created different packages with different features in each of the packages. Mapping these packages to bill clients based on their access to features should be easier.
  • Many call centers or businesses need integration of their CRM systems, business platforms, web phones, etc. into the contact center system. In this integration, your billing system should be able to charge either a fixed cost or a recurring cost.
Technical Support:
  • Customer support and technical support are two different things. A majority of providers offer customer care as a valued added, complimentary service. However, technical support is always chargeable, and your business must allow your team to provide this required technical support to your clients and bill them based on their usage. This billing has to be automated by your call center billing system.

The System Must have Automation

It is an obvious feature in your billing system for your multi tenant call center solution, but still, a good factor to check while looking for an ideal system.This system should automate a majority of operations related to accounting, billing, invoicing, and payment processing.. As much automation is available as much will be speed, efficiency, accuracy, and reliability compared to manual jobs or semi-automated billing. 

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The System Must be Highly Scalable

A majority of call center service providers use a cloud based call center solution, which is highly scalable and can support the growing needs of clients. Your billing system developed for the multi tenant call center software should also have this facility to promptly support the growing needs of your clients. It has to be highly scalable.

Security is a Must Thing

Any billing system manages confidential data and sensitive information related to the payment process of clients. Thus, your software must have added security mechanisms to provide a secure billing and payment processing system.

Concluding Note

Identifying the best solution with an integrated billing module or solution is necessary for service providers because it makes management of the software easier, cheaper, and more reliable. In addition to that, billing automation provides several added advantages. Thus, get the best cloud-based call center solution that has an integrated billing solution with all the criteria mentioned in this blog post.

If you are interested in getting a feature-rich contact center system that supports multi-tenancy and also has an ideal billing system integrated into it, then iCallify is the system you are seeking. Our call center with billing is an award-winning system that empowers several businesses and yours can be the next. To learn more about this solution, contact us now!

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