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Best Practices to Improve Customer Experience with an Ideal Call Center System

  • May 16, 2023

Customer service plays a vital role in the call center industry. In the modern era, customer service is much more than simply responding to customer questions. With the right tools and strategies, businesses can improve their customer service game and improve customer experience. The improved customer experience can help in enhancing customer retention rate and loyalty, which would result in wide ranging business benefits. A call center system is one of the tools that can play a pivotal role in enhancing customer experience. 

Call centers have been using different types of call center solutions for many years to provide reliable customer care services. As the trend and need of delivering customer service has increased, the requirement of using the best call center software has also increased. An omnichannel contact center solution can be an ideal choice to deliver an excellent customer experience if used correctly. This blog post shares the

Best practices that any business can use to make the best use of this software to improve customer experience.


1. Create a human machine ecosystem

A modern day call center solution will have amazing inbuilt features that can automate more than 80% of customer care operations. The intervention of AI tools like chatbots, voice analysis, conversational AI tools, etc. is adding more augmented automation in the call center industry. This inspires call center owners or business managers to introduce more automation and reduce the workforce to cut costs. However, machines are here to enhance the jobs of the workforce. The tools like call center solutions help in automating routine jobs and backing up agents to deliver reliable customer care services.

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Even if machines can solve more than 80% of the problems of your clients, there would be many clients that prefer talking to a human agent. If you really want to deliver an excellent customer experience, then let your clients choose whom they want to interact with a machine or a human. To meet this fundamental customer care demand, build a reliable human machine ecosystem.

2. Don’t force communication channels

Omnichannel solutions are taking customer care results to another level. Now, customers can choose their preferred platforms or channels to communicate with the customer care department and this actually gives them a feel of contentment. However, it is necessary to remember that an omnichannel contact center solution is built to let clients choose their favorite mode of communication and not let call centers enforce a specific communication channel to use for certain types of customers. Letting your clients take the lead will give them the pleasure of being valued and you must let them do that.

3. Keep navigation simpler

In general, whenever a customer calls, the call will be greeted by an IVR system. The IVR system often plays a navigation menu to put customers in a specific call queue or assign them to an automatic call distribution system to connect with the right agent. In some cases, call centers also use the IVR and other self serving tools to let customers enjoy zero wait time and get responses to their concerns immediately by the software. The menu in the IVR system has to be simple and the navigation in different self serving tools needs to be straightforward. Customers must have a quick option to go to the previous menu or to the main menu. They must also get a quick option to reach the customer care agent at any point of interaction.

4. Focus on customer satisfaction more than KPIs

Many call centers rigorously follow key performance indicators (KPIs) and ways to improve the numbers. Defining the right KPIs and constantly improving their values are the two most important steps in a strategic and result oriented customer care journey. However, it is necessary to focus on improving the actual customer experience rather than just numbers. Thus, your call center training for agents must include ways to improve customer experience. If you completely focus on improving the overall experience along with using features of a call center system, the relevant KPIs will improve by themselves.

5. Keep your clients posted

This is a golden rule of the best customer service centers, but still, customer care centers fail to follow this. If there is something wrong or if you expect customer concerns related to something, it is necessary to keep your clients aware of these issues. This would not only reduce sudden spikes of calls in the call center, but it will also increase client frustration. Unlike that, if you use any of the features available in the best call center software to update clients about upcoming changes, then it can not only reduce the number of calls, but it will also help in reducing customer dissatisfaction and agent burnout ratio.

6. Take advantage of reports

The omnichannel solutions provide an array of reports to their users. These reports have a great tool to review different performance metrics to define whether your customer care strategy is working well or not and whether you need any improvements in your customer care strategy or not. Take a deep look at all reports and review the major KPIs and other subtle clues available in these reports.

7. Collect and use feedback

Customer and agent feedback are also important because it gives more insightful data and information compared to machine generated reports. You can also learn what exactly you can do with your manpower and call center solution. There are two major sources for feedback collection: your customers as they use your services and they can give the right feedback to you and your agents because they interact with your customers. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, the best system for customer care can help in multiple ways to improve customer experience. However, to make the right use of the software, it is necessary to follow the best practices of using the software. 

We provide the best and feature rich call center system that has benefited several businesses to improve customer experience. Your business can also take advantage of this system to delight and retain more clients. For more details, contact us. 

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