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Regulatory Compliance Enforcement for Improved Security in Insurance Contact Center

  • May 15, 2023

Security concerns are common in all industries across the globe. To keep the interests of citizens in mind and to enhance security to keep citizens well protected, the government often imposes regulations and compliances. Almost all industries have some government rules to follow to run a business, be it as simple as getting a license for the business by registering it or it can be a tough process to follow a chain of rules. Thus, it is necessary to learn about regulations and legislation in the industry of your work. It is not as straightforward as you get the best contact center software for the insurance industry and start running a call center. There is a process to set up and regulations to be aware of. 

The call center is a huge industry, which often processes customer contact details and other sensitive information on a day to day basis. In addition to that, the insurance industry is one of the most sensitive industry verticals that keep records of highly sensitive and critical customer information. That is the reason almost all countries have a range of regulatory compliances imposed in call centers working in the insurance industry. The call center owner must follow these compliances and should even get the call center software for an insurance agency that abides by these regulations and compliances. 

Let’s explore the major security concerns and compliances in the insurance industry that are globally enforced by the government in one way or another. 

List of Major Security Concerns And Compliances in The Insurance Industry

Keeping sensitive data confidential 

Healthcare and finance industries have this big responsibility of keeping customer information confidential because it often includes details like their health history, payment details, etc. Insurance agencies are part of the Fintech industry and that is why they have to follow the regulations imposed to keep customer details confidential. This is possible by getting a contact center solution for an insurance agency that encrypts data while transmitting it online during a call. It can also have other security enforcements or inbuilt security solutions that keep customer data private and confidential. 

DNC regulation 

DNC stands for Do Not Call, which is a right given to citizens to stop receiving sales calls from companies and call centers. An insurance agency must follow DNC compliance as it gives preference rights to the customer to restrict some types of calls. Different countries may have different types of regulations and punishments related to DNC compliance, but it is a must follow. The contact center software for the insurance industry usually has inbuilt features to manage the DNC list. The call center software will skip the numbers that have registered themselves for this list. The software can actually let insurance agencies manage the DNC list at the campaign level and global level. 

Telemarketing Sales Rule 

This is another rule that is directly connected with not disturbing consumers and respecting their privacy. This rule might be different in different countries, but if we talk about India, there is a rule called TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule). This rule implies that the call centers cannot call customers or sales leads before 8 AM and after 9 PM. Thus, it is necessary to follow this rule. The top call center solutions provide holiday based and time condition based calling facilities. The campaigns can also be scheduled to follow this regulatory compliance in the insurance call center. 

Call Center Software For An Insurance Agency


Robocalling is another major concern recently raised by consumers and to protect the interests of consumers, the governments in many countries have introduced strict laws related to robocalling. The contact center solution for an insurance agency provides a feature called voice broadcasting. If this feature is used correctly, it can help in enhancing business and returns for insurance agencies. However, using this feature without any strategy can end up running a robocalling campaign, which can be a breach of regulatory compliance. This requires insurance call centers to use voice broadcasting features carefully and consciously, so knowing the rules and regulations related to robocalling in your country is necessary. 

CAN-SPAM Compliance 

This is one of the regulatory compliances enforced on call centers of all industry verticals. The insurance agency also needs to follow these rules and regulations. There are some common rules to follow across the globe, which is briefly pointed out hereunder: 

  • The location of the insurance agency needs to be clearly indicated and correct. 
  • In the case of email marketing, the subject line cannot be deceptive. 
  • The information of a caller in case of calling campaigns and the header in case of email campaigns should not be misleading. It has to give reliable and right information about the caller or sender. 
  • You must give clear information about the sales pitch if it is a sales call. Alternatively, the intention of the call has to be conveyed to the customer. 
  • The contact center of the insurance agency must give a clear option to unsubscribe from the list and remove oneself from getting this type of call. 

The call center solutions with advanced features will have an email broadcasting feature or email as a communication channel, and the rules for sending emails are stricter, especially in European countries. 

Concluding notes 

Regulatory compliances are necessary for different industries to protect the privacy and interest of customers. Call centers directly use customer information and in addition to that, call centers also directly connect with customers. Thus, regulatory compliances on call centers and telemarketing companies are strict and detailed, too. Insurance companies need to handle more sensitive information, which is why the call centers running customer care and sales campaigns for insurance agencies need to rigorously follow regulatory compliances and add extra security layers. A call center software for an insurance agency that is specifically developed for this industry can indeed help in overcoming the challenges related to regulatory compliances and security to call centers. 

We provide different types of call center solutions to diversified industries with excellent features that help them grow and abide by the rules. If you are looking for contact center software for the insurance industry, we can help you. We have the best call center software with top features to offer. To explore all the details about it and to book a free demo, contact us. 

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