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How to Resolve Major Challenges Occurring during Call Center CRM Integration?

  • May 8, 2023

Call center providers often provide a range of technology solutions along with a call center solution. Some features and functionality cannot be developed within this software for call centers. In that case, it is also possible to integrate APIs of a full fledged solution within the contact center software. This can add the missing features within the software and helps in leveraging the missing features. Depending on the nature of the business, there are several integrations available in the market. Call center CRM integration is one of the majorly used integrations among businesses that use this software. 

What is the integration of a call center and CRM solution? 

A CRM solution is a complete customer relationship management solution. That solution will have way more detailed information, including, files like invoices, SOPs, SOWs, etc. related to customers. A call center solution will also have a module in which customer details will be stored, but it will not have as many details as a CRM system would have. 

Integration of call center and CRM solutions is the process of integrating APIs of CRM systems into the call center software. This ensures that customer records and details stored in the CRM system can be accessed within the contact center solution. It will also add some added features to the contact center or CRM systems. 

Major challenges related to the integration of CRM and call center solution 

The process of integrating CRM with a contact center software solution is straightforward for call center providers. However, there are some challenges associated with the integration process and that cannot be ignored. Let’s explore the major challenges and how to resolve them to make a CRM integrated call center solution available for use. 

Data sync 

One of the major issues associated with the integration of CRM and call center solutions are related to the synchronization of data. The call center CRM integration displays a CRM popup within the call center software. This CRM will show customer records fetched from CRM within the dialer and the agent does not need to leave the system. This information is used to provide context driven responses to clients. Not only this, but this integration also provides options to edit an existing record or add a non-existent record within the dialer, which will be reflected in the CRM system, too. That means any changes made in the contact center solution will reflect in the CRM system, too. 

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It is possible that both solutions have different data formats and orders. Thus, it can increase the complexity of auto update features made available with this integrated solution. This can be a major challenge if CRM does not support some of the required changes. 


The CRM system must be flexible to support the required integration and auto update of records. The provider of the integration service can help in the selection process or in the process to migrate to the new system to keep data processing and sync simplified. 

Display of records in CRM popup 

Agents use the information displayed in the popup during a live call. The software for call centers might have different order of fields than what is available in the CRM system. This is not a huge challenge, but it may require considerable efforts from the development team to design UI to display fields as you require and then make the required changes in the CRM by re-sorting the order of the CRM popup while applying edits to the CRM. 


To reduce overhead, if it is possible, the business can choose to show records in the same order as it is available in the CRM system in the call center solution during the popup. Alternatively, the required UI and development efforts need to be considered to achieve this required solution. 

Adoption of new solution 

The CRM integrated call center solution is very easy and will be familiar to agents that have been using both CRM and call center solutions. However, we cannot ignore the simple fact that people resist even a small change to their routine. Thus, one of the challenges that a business may face is related to the adoption of a new solution. 


The first step here is to generate awareness that there is no real learning curve because agents will use the same software as they have been using. There will be the addition of value added features within the software. Thus, it would be more like using an upgraded solution than a new system. The next step is giving the required training to agents to use these features availed with integration more efficiently 

Concluding notes 

Integration of a CRM and contact center solution can help in streamlining major jobs and leveraging several advantages, which is not possible with traditional software. Three major challenges can block the vision of using this integrated solution, but nothing to worry about as with the right technical partner, these challenges can be easily overpowered. 

We help businesses with our call center CRM integration services and your business can be the next beneficiary. To know more about our offerings, contact us. 

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