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How an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution with Chatbots Enhance Patient Engagement?

  • April 26, 2023

The healthcare industry strives to provide the best and life saving care to patients while keeping things easier for families of patients. There are multiple stakeholders in the healthcare industry and the patient is one of the major stakeholders. Today’s patients are more tech-savvy and therefore, they look for technology driven options to engage with healthcare providers and facilities. An omni channel contact center solution for healthcare is one of the tech-packed tools that the healthcare industry can use to provide a better experience and increase patient engagement. There are already several multispecialty hospitals that use this software. 

Earlier, this software was used to provide predefined healthcare assistance and services to patients, but now, there are several more offerings added to this offering list. Moreover, the use of telemedicine and virtual healthcare has become more evident. The COVID pandemic has increased the number of patients that engage online or via a telephone to receive care remotely. 

Technology inventions are never ending in the healthcare and call center software segments. Different technologies like augmented reality, IoT, wearable, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. persistently contribute to uplifting the standards of healthcare. One of the best AI tools used for patient engagement in the healthcare industry is chatbots. 

Patient engagement activities become more effective and easier with the best omnichannel contact center solution for healthcare that has a chatbot integrated into the software. Let’s see how this happens. 

What is patient engagement? 

In general, people take healthcare seriously only when there is something really serious and life threatening. However, if people take their health seriously, life threatening conditions can be completely avoided. 

Patient engagement is the process of engaging people with proactive communication to improve individual health. For this, technology tries to make things easier and quickly accessible to patients, so without much hassle, people can keep track of their own health and improve it. Patients get engaged for their own health improvement. This not only benefits patients, but the overall health ecosystem. 

Personalized patient care 

The first advantage of integrating an omni channel call center solution for healthcare with a chatbot is personalized patient care. 

The omni channel solution makes sure that patients can use their preferred communication channel to interact with the healthcare facility. This personalizes the first point of interaction, so patients can get flexibility in communication. Whether someone needs telemedicine or someone is interested in booking the next general visit with a physician or someone is interested in having a video call for remote healthcare consulting, everything is possible with an omni channel solution. Patients can reach a hospital or pharmacy via a phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, email, video call, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

The chatbot also personalizes this interaction by using the data and history of the patient. It personalizes responses and even gives personalized options. For example, if a patient comes for a routine checkup every alternate month when a patient initiates a conversation, the chatbot would suggest one of the options to book a routine checkup appointment. 

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Provide healthcare services remotely 

Remote healthcare has become a real thing as it gives flexibility to the medical team to serve more patients and comfort to patients to not disturb the schedule. Patients just need to spend a few minutes to get remote healthcare services. The omni channel contact center software for healthcare makes it possible with its unique features. Patients can consult their appointed doctors and physicians using their smartphone and their own preferred communication channels. 

Omni Channel Call Center Solution For Healthcare

Patients can also engage with chatbots to learn more about some diseases based on the symptoms they are facing before reaching out to healthcare professionals for further help. Patients can also ask for basic diagnoses such as getting some medical reports done before visiting or consulting a doctor or taking similar actions remotely simply by engaging with a chatbot. 

Enhance healthcare communication 

Similar to any other form of communication, healthcare communication is also bi-directional. Of course, a chatbot can only attend inbound conversations with patients and engage them with the right and personalized responses. However, technology enthusiastic teams are working on making chatbots for healthcare technology more mature, so patients can be engaged with alerts and notifications related to upcoming healthcare appointments, medicine intake, etc. In mobile apps, this has been already achieved by technology companies. However, with the chat softwares for call centers , this is still an aspect to research. 

On the other hand, patients are still engaged by healthcare facilities using the omnichannel contact center solution for healthcare. Hospital staff can easily send reminders and alerts by running outbound campaigns using features of this software like voice broadcasting, SMS or email broadcasting, etc. One can also send WhatsApp messages or direct messages over Facebook or Twitter. 

Engage patients over social networking platforms 

Patients not only look for the reliability of a hospital, doctor, pharmacy store, medical test labs, etc. across online platforms, including social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They also ask some basic questions such as hospital hours, consultancy charges, test costs, etc. via these platforms. Some may also leave reviews online that can improve or damage the name of the healthcare facility. An omni channel call center solution for healthcare becomes really helpful here. It helps healthcare representatives to respond to these queries and feedback, which not only engages these patients but also multiple other patients that are having similar questions. 

Chatbots can also be implemented with social media chat widgets and a call center solution, so this job of answering common questions can be automated. This helps in winning more patient engagement as patients don’t need to wait for the healthcare team to respond. They get instant responses from chatbots. 

Concluding notes 

The right technology helps healthcare facilities to engage patients and improve the overall healthcare ecosystem. The tools like an omni channel contact center software for healthcare with chatbots and telemedicine help in avoiding life threatening situations and increasing overall patient health by actively engaging patients. 

If you are seeking the best of these tools, then we can help you with our omnichannel contact center solution and other tools. We also provide a lifetime free edition of the call center software. To learn more, contact us.  

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