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How Does AI Driven Automation Shape Call Center Billing Processes?

  • April 21, 2023

Artificial intelligence has become a household name. In the past few decades, several innovations took place, which laid the foundation of different other technologies. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) laid the foundation for different types of other technology brands such as robotic process automation (RPA), conversational AI, chatbot, and more. Each of these AI inventions has its role in almost all industries or business functions. If we talk about the VoIP industry, it has several business applications in that industry as well. In this blog post, we will explore more about the role of AI in Call Center Billing Processes. 

Similar to AI, VoIP technology also has several business applications and branches. A call center solution is one of the most used applications of VoIP technology. Traditionally, VoIP based call center solutions were used only to provide call center services. However, due to the increasing demand for this software, many more use cases of this solution were identified and applied.  A multi tenant contact center solution is an invention made by VoIP companies to meet this shifting demand of the market. This solution uses different modules and features, which are developed to support call center business. A billing module is one of these unique features that are developed to provide ease of billing for call center owners that run a large scaled business using the call center software. 

The tech geeks have come up with the idea of blending artificial intelligence with a call center billing solution to provide a powerful tool. AI tools can enhance each function of this VoIP software, but billing can be one of the major modules that can improve its efficiency and accuracy using the blended power of AI and VoIP. 

To take a deep dive into this subject matter and decode the role of AI in call center billing software, let’s discuss the following pointers in detail in this blog post. 

  1. What is a call center with a billing module? 
  2. Who needs a contact center solution with billing? 
  3. What is the role of AI driven automation in the call center billing process? 
  4. Concluding notes 

So let’s dive deeper to understand more to take more advantage of this concept. 

1. What is a call center with a billing module? 

A Call Center Solution With Billing Module

If a contact center software solution is used to manage inbound, outbound, and blended calling campaigns, then there will not be any need for billing. All operations will be in-house and the call center will know how much expenses are related to running a call center in terms of DID numbers, call rates, etc. 

On the other hand, if a business uses this software for call centers to offer call center service or this solution for revenue generation purposes, then it will need an effective billing module or solution. It will need to bill each customer based on different aspects and criteria. A manual process is not only slow, but also prone to errors. On the other hand, a call center billing software solution will eliminate this form of error. Moreover, it will be faster in keeping track of usage to generate invoices on time. It will also be more accurate in processing complicated structures of bills with different conditions, different types of usage, and more. 

A call center solution with billing is a standard contact center solution that has an inbuilt billing module. This billing module can use different technologies, including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence to provide accurate billing functions. If a solution for call centers does not have this module, then it can be integrated into the software with custom integration. 

2. Who needs a contact center solution with billing? 

The billing module for contact center software is not a generic solution that can be used by any business owner using this software. It has a specific purpose to play. Thus, it is useful for businesses that are using this software to generate revenue and they need to bill their clients for its usage. In general, any business that uses a multi tenant contact center solution will need to use a billing system. In other words, a business running with SaaS, Paas, UCaaS, or an outsourcing model will need to use the software with a billing module or billing integrated call center software. 

3. What is the role of AI driven automation in the call center billing process?

Role of AI Driven Automation in the Call Center Billing Process 

Artificial Intelligence based innovations can benefit different functions in a call center. Billing is one of the modules that are empowered by AI innovations. Let’s explore the different roles of the AI in the billing process in call centers. 

Automate billing process 

One of the major utilities of AI in call centers or any other industry is introducing automation. In the call center industry as well AI introduces automation with its state of the art technology. AI driven automation added to the billing process of call center software can automate the whole process of billing different clients and accounts. In fact, AI based call center with billing can help in automating all different billing aspects such as keeping an account of each customer based on their subscription model, call minute usage, and more. As per the predefined billing cycle, this software will generate detailed bills and send them with an email trigger to the individual email addresses of each customer. 

As you can see, AI with VoIP based call center solutions will automate the whole process of call center billing with its cutting edge technology. 

Answer billing related questions of customers automatically 

Similar to any other industry, it is possible that customers come up with some concerns about their bills. Even there can be clients that may have some queries related to the charges of upgrading the package, buying more minutes, and similar topics. A contact center solution with an integrated billing module and AI model can leverage the advantage of automation here as well as using a voice assistant or chatbot. Customers can get answers to their common queries from AI tools for any billing related queries or concerns without waiting for human agents to respond. 

Guide customers in payment processing 

Even if paying invoices is often a straightforward process, some clients may find some concerns in that or get confused. Artificial intelligence driven billing solutions for call centers can automate this process as well. A virtual assistant or chatbot can provide guided assistance. At their fingertips or voice commands, customers can receive guided assistance on different actions such as making payments for their bills via online banking models, credit cards, etc. 

Upgrade or downgrade subscription models 

Artificial intelligence driven automation has several amazing roles to play and guided assistance to upgrade or downgrade subscriptions is another utility. An AI based call center billing solution can automatically answer all questions of customers related to upscaling or downgrading their existing plan. Moreover, it can further help customers to upgrade their account usage model without the need for any agent to intervene in the process. 

Connect with the right agents 

Automation in connecting customers with the right agent has been achieved by the developers of this software for call centers already with automatic call distribution (ACD) rules. The role of AI plays is when a customer is already in discussion with an AI driven tool and there are some questions that are never answered or self learned by AI tools. In this case, the AI tool automatically connects customers with the right agent. This is a great utility, which is gaining popularity because it does not trap customers into an endless cycle of the same questions asked by bots. 

Concluding notes 

Billing is a major part of business in any industry and when we talk about the call center industry, billing is a major and complicated job. There are several aspects to keep into account while generating invoices for clients. A manual process of billing clients that use call centers would be slow and prone to errors. Thus, this function requires automation. Artificial intelligence is popular for introducing automation in this type of operation. 

AI based automation has different roles in the call center industry, especially, in the billing process. It can make the whole process faster, better, more accurate, and more efficient. Already several users of contact center solutions use automated billing systems built with a perfect combination of AI and VoIP technologies to enhance billing functionality. If you are a business owner that uses a multi tenant solution and needs to automate the billing part, then you must adopt this technology without any further delays. 

We have been offering a call center with billing that has implemented automation in the process to benefit businesses and their clients. It supports both prepaid and postpaid billing models. Moreover, it is customizable and we can provide the required customization in this billing solution. We also provide integration of this billing module in iCallify and similar contact center solutions. If you are interested in exploring more about our billing module which is empowered with billing features, then get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to provide you with a live demo of the software and answer all your questions. For more details, contact us. 

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