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What Are the Essential Features of a Call Center Billing System?

  • February 24, 2023

Call center industry has evolved with time and innovations. Traditionally, a call center solution was used only for running call centers. In the 21st century, there are several inventions made, which has increased the utilities and applications of this software for call centers. One of the major inventions in this industry is a call center billing system. In this blog post, we will explore more about this software and its major features, which are the most important to have. 

What is a call center billing solution?


Call Center Billing Software Solution

It is a VoIP billing solution, which is built for call center solutions. It keeps track of different users and usage of the call center software by them.

It also automatically creates the bills for each customer, which can be sent to them for payment processing. 

The major goal of this system is to automate invoicing and billing in a call center. Usually, a multi tenant call center software solution is used to provide call center services or to run a business with SaaS or PaaS models. This can help in saving manual resources and time of businesses from tedious billing processes.   

When to use a call center billing software solution? 

Usually, a call center billing system is used by businesses that provide some sort of service to its customers. It can be call center services or it can be any other model to offer software as a service or product as a service. 

The multi tenant call center software solution usually has this module or one may invest in call center billing integration to add this feature into this software for call centers. 

Call Center Billing Solution – A Complete Guide

What are the essential features of the call center billing software of a contact center solution? 


Top 5 Essential Features of The Call Center Billing Software

As now you have fundamental knowledge of a billing system for call center software. Let’s explore details about the top features, which are essential to have in any billing system that is used for call center solutions. 

Billing at the system level 

Usually, a billing system is set to work at campaign level, which can be a good feature, but it is not an ultimate feature to have. Your software must have a billing system that can apply global invoicing and billing rules for all campaigns and all customers. That is why it is necessary to have a billing system at a system level. This feature can be enabled and disabled at the system level. Moreover, the changes applied to the system would be globally applied to all campaigns for all users, which make management of global rules easy and traceable. 

Call plan configuration 

In a call center, there can be different charges applied such as registration fees, monthly subscription fees, support charges, and more. However, the major billing model would work based on call plans. That means call per second and call routing strategies need to get billed to give more dynamic and revenue generating options to the users of a call center billing solution. The best billing software for a contact center solution will let service providers bill customers based on call plans, especially, based on least cost routing strategy or similar call routing strategies. 

Rate card configuration 

Similar to call routing strategies, customers can be billed based on different criteria, which are commonly referred to as a subscription plan or rate card. The billing system for contact center solution must allow call center service providers to define different rate plans, which can be configured at campaign level or system level depending on the software and billing module. This module is usually customizable and can be customized by the provider of the software if required. This is the major feature of the software, which helps in grouping clients depending on the rate card configured for that client and service can be offered to them accordingly. 

Invoice and receipt 

A billing system will not be useful if it does not generate invoices in PDF or similar formats to send to clients based on the rate card, charge per call, call plans, etc. The invoice can have all details or just high level information. Moreover, the system must also generate receipt for the payments received. 


Logs and reports are always essential in any software as it helps in enhancing client experience, helps in making administrative and managerial decisions, tracking investments, calculating revenue and ROI, and resolving disputes. 

Concluding notes 

Having all essential features in your call center billing system for contact center solutions empower call center service providers. To help you select the right billing system for your software, we have mentioned all major features you must look for in your system.

If your software does not have these features, you can also invest in call center billing integration from companies like ours that provide integration of this software into the contact center software to add missing features of billing. To know more about our offerings, contact us. 

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