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What Is the Worth of White Label Business in the Call Center Industry?

  • February 6, 2023

White labeling is not a new concept. This notion has been in existence for ages, but still, businesses are unaware of this notion. A white label business or a white label call center solution scale revenue and make a huge difference in any industry, including, but not limited to, the call center industry. Thus, it is worth exploring the notion of white labeling in this industry and how businesses can gain an advantage from it.

What is a white label call center software solution?

Usually, a call center solution comes with the logo and branding facets of the company that has developed the software or provides the software. Whether you use a licensed solution or hosted solution, you get the logo, color, theme, and other branding factors of the company that offers you the contact center software.

A white label call center solution is one that lets you add your own branding factors like logo, skin, theme, powered by the statement, copyright statement, etc.

White Labeling: Is It Worth an Investment

What is a white label business? 

A white label business is one that owns all business entities or has the branding factors of its own company. A reseller or an individual business owner can have his or her own white label business.

What is the worth of running a white label business in the call center industry? 

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There are several advantages of running a white label business in the call center industry. Let’s explore the major ones: 

Build your business with your own brand 

The first and foremost advantage of using a call center solution with white label elements is that you can build your own business brand. This can be a great advantage as all efforts and investments you put into your business will promote your business brand rather than promoting the company that has developed the contact center software.

Having a white label contact center solution helps you own and enjoy all branding and business benefits that you create with your expertise and visionary approach.

Remove the risk of losing earned business value 

If you are using a contact center solution without white labeling, then you are passing some credit to the call center software provider or development company, too. Moreover, you also receive the credit or defamation related to the provider. That means if your provider is defamed for any reason, your business will also be affected because of that. But, a white label business runs independently. It removes the risk of getting affected because of the provider of the software you are using.


In a nutshell, there are multiple advantages to using a white label contact center solution to run your own business. In the call center industry, it can help you define your own competitive edge in a highly competitive industry.

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